When sitting down to write a holiday-inspired blog, I found that anything I might write couldn’t quite capture the essence of this season—and what our industry is capable of doing to celebrate it—better than a story from news station WITN in Greenville, North Carolina.

Now this is a way to kick the holidays into full gear.

The T.A. Loving Construction Co., with corporate offices headquartered in Goldsboro, North Carolina, found a unique way to give back to the patients and families at the Children's Hospital of Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center.

According to WITN, T.A. Loving is currently building an addition to the hospital and noticed that despite their illnesses, children were often drawn to the windows to watch the construction taking place just outside. Taking note of the interest and adding to the magic, the company not only used a crane to set a Christmas tree atop an unfinished elevator bank, but it also used the crane to deliver toys to the hospital’s patients.

You can watch video of the event here:

Happy Holidays!