Treatment of cancer patients has been characterized as requiring personalized care coupled with technology and humanity. The administration of a rigorous program of chemotherapy requires a facility that will help mitigate the stress and anxiety experienced by patients and family members, without compromising technical requirements.

A patient's first impression on arrival at this Ambulatory Chemotherapy Unit is of the quiet and professional lobby, reception and registration areas. From there, the patient can directly access treatment areas, which are carefully designed to project feelings of warmth and well-being.

Design objectives for these treatment areas visualized a nontechnical, comfortable and relaxed setting for patients and family members during the three-hour treatment sessions. These objectives were achieved through a balance between privacy and community, through distinctive spatial quality and through the selection of comfortable materials, finishes and colors.

PROJECT CATEGORY Remodel/Renovation (completed December 2000)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR Paul Hochenberg, Executive Director, (718) 470-7764

FIRM Larsen Shein Ginsberg Snyder, LLP, (212) 803-0300

DESIGN TEAM David Ginsberg, FAIA, Partner-in-Charge; George Shear, Project Design Architect; John Patey, AIA, Project Manager (Larsen Shein Ginsberg Snyder, LLP); Lewis Damrauer, PE, Partner-in-Charge (Lizardos Engineering Associates, PC); John Neverka, Project Manager (Axis Construction)

PHOTOGRAPHY Andrea Brizzi Photography



TOTAL COST $5,500,000

The organizing element within the space is the curved wood-slat ceiling that arcs from 8' at the windows to 11' at the central staff core. Continuous glazing at the exterior wall provides direct natural light and outside views. Individual patient stations are separated by wood cabinetwork, giving a sheltered feeling to each space. The natural wood-grained sheet-vinyl flooring helps to further reinforce the overall feeling of comfort.

Patients, family members and staff have reacted to the remodeled treatment unit with significant enthusiasm and appreciation