Project category: Remodel/Renovation (completed May 2002)

Chief administrator: Anthony Barbato, Chief Executive Officer, (708) 216-9000

Firm: Pratt Design Studio, Ltd., (773) 755-2000

Design team: Madhu Gresla, Project Manager; Robert Pratt, Design Principal

Photography: Steinkamp Ballogg Photography, Inc.

Total building area (sq. ft.): 27,900

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $104

Total construction cost (excluding land): $2,900,000

The renovation of the Loyola University Medical Center's Medical and Faculty Offices began in April 2000. The assignment was to design and oversee construction of a series of departmental faculty offices for the Neurology, Radiation Oncology, and Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation departments. These projects total 27,900 square feet within the internationally renowned medical center.

For this project, the total scope included enclosed faculty offices, libraries, faculty conference rooms, open area offices, reception/waiting areas, and associated support functions. The most critical design issue was to give each departmental suite its own distinct and unique character while maintaining the cohesive look and feel of the project as a unit. A visual focal point was created with the reception/waiting area. Rich materials and soft lighting create the design that is incorporated throughout each of the suites.

Space for the replacement construction was limited. Despite this, the design solution creates a remarkable feeling of openness. The incorporation of a clerestory in the enclosed offices located around the perimeter of the suite allows for the presence of natural light, which lends to the openness. The use of soft colors and fabrics enhances the central cores and provides a feeling of sophistication.

In all, this project exemplifies the effect that cost-effective and simple, yet elegant, design can have in bringing a project together. What presented itself as a series of separate offices and departments was brought together as a cohesive entity that is now defined as the medical and faculty offices.