Maggie's Fife will be the first building in the United Kingdom by Zaha Hadid, the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, who said, “Maggie's Fife will inspire, create a sense of worth and esteem, and encourage growth and recovery. At the same time, it will contain the variety of spaces needed by staff and visitors. I am very pleased that my interpretation of the Maggie's ethos will help the people of Fife build a life beyond cancer.”
Zaha Hadid

“Our design for the London Maggie's Centre is conceived to contrast with the main hospital building,” says Richard Rogers, chairman of the Richard Rogers Partnership. “It is a ‘noninstitutional’ building, an ‘open house’ of 370 square meters that will be both flexible and adaptable. It can be transparent or opaque, noisy or quiet, light or dark. The kitchen is the heart of the structure. We hope to create something that is more than a house—more welcoming, more comfortable, more thought-provoking, and more uplifting.”
Richard Rogers