Project category: Addition (completed July 2004)

Chief administrator: Diane Cecchettini, President and CEO, (253) 403-1295

Firm: Giffin Bolte Jurgens, pc, (503) 223-0992

Design team: Herb Giffin, AIA, ACHA, Principal-in-Charge, Healthcare Planning; David A. Pugh, Jr., AIA, Project Management; Steve O'Shea, AIA, Project Design; Kimberly Ritter, Design/Production; Gerhard Bamler, Design/Production

Photography: Lara Swimmer Photography; Matt Todd Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 160,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $263

Total construction cost (excluding land): $42,000,000

This four-level, vertical addition is tightly integrated into the existing medical center's overall fabric. Sky bridges and internal corridors connect new surgery suites directly to related patient units and to elevators serving all other departments. The level between surgery floors was designated for building systems, addressing numerous structural and functional issues. Family/visitor facilities, also on this intermediate floor, are conveniently linked to the main hospital and are nearby but properly separated from operating suites.

The project's main components are 20 operating rooms for general and cardiovascular surgery and catheterization. Their design and technical provisions are cutting edge and adaptable to future medical advances. All rooms are equipped for minimally invasive surgery. Controls, flat-screen monitors, medical gases, power, data, and communications are arrayed on booms from above, keeping floors clear for maximum procedural flexibility. Communication and control systems use the latest video technology, enhancing efficiency and information sharing.

The project's high-tech inner workings are complemented by equally innovative high-touch patient care and family areas. These serene spaces are designed to accelerate healing and feature great views, indirect lighting, soft colors, natural materials, comfortable furnishings, and abundant artwork. The Recovery Units are especially unique in their comfort and ambience.

Provisions for additional growth of hospital services have been built in. The top floor is shelled space, suitable for related programs, and one surgery floor can accommodate an additional operating room.