Tile with high-resolution imagery

Imagine Tile creates ceramic surfacing products featuring high-resolution imagery. These tiles soothe, comfort, and inspire, as well as meeting requirements for easy maintenance and durability in healthcare settings.

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Computer-inspired textile patterns 6

Carnegie has introduced Emoticon and Bandwidth, the latest additions to its Philosophy collection of healthcare textiles. Designed by Louise Russell, these patterns can be used as privacy curtains, cubicles, and drapery, encouraging patient interaction. Emoticon is based on a form of paralanguage commonly used in e-mail messages, online bulletin boards, and chat rooms. It uses images that represent human facial expression and convey emotion. Complementing Emoticon is Bandwidth Stripe.

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3Rail system

Humanscale has launched its Access Rail system, a series of rails, posts, and specialized components that can be configured to fit any number of tables, desks, or workstations to provide a readily accessible place for mounting workplace tools.

Available in a variety of lengths and with mounting options to fit any work surface, the Access Rail can be reconfigured as needs change, including the option of mounting additional rows. The Access Rail's double-sided design also enables it to be mounted in the middle of a table to create a benching work-space setup.

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Modular workstations

Module Space from Topdeq allows users to create individual workstations. Steel tubes and joints combined with melamine-coated surfaces in silver or black form the basic structure for the coordinated system furniture. The system offers a wide range of functional shelf and cabinet elements.

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Resilient sheet-vinyl flooring 5

Lonmetro UV from Lonseal, Inc., is a colorful, heterogeneous resilient sheet-vinyl flooring solution. Lonseal's innovative UV finish allows for easy upkeep. A UV-cured urethane layer provides maximum resistance to foot traffic and most chemicals common to commercial settings. The UV technology also contributes to low life-cycle costs, as additional sanitizing chemicals are unnecessary in cleaning.

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Energy management system 5

Think Wattá from Cooper Lighting is the world's first wireless mesh networked motion and photo sensor that operates HID, compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, and incandescent light sources in compliance with all new energy regula-tions. Designed for energy management, these devices can switch electronic- or magnetic-ballasted luminaries for Hi-Lo functionality, dim electronic-ballasted luminaries using 0- to10-volt dimming control, and switch any electrical load up to 30A. ThinkWatt is available for 120- to 277-volt operation.

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Fire-rated vision panels 5

Vistamatic vision panels, using 16-gauge metal frames and intumescent glazing compound, were tested to UL 20- and 45-minute fire-retardant and hose-stream tests for window assemblies and were judged eligible for UL Classification and product marking.

The patented Vistamatic viewing panel is suitable for discreet, effective surveillance of secure or sensitive areas. Featuring clear and opaque sheets of glass in a single frame, the Vistamatic vision panel is opened and closed using a choice of integral levers or handles. The vision panel is maintenance-free, and sound transmission is minimal.

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Web site with design tools 5

Kwalu has launched its new Web site, http://www.kwalu.com, showcasing Kwalu's product collections and the Design Tools link. Customers and designers can view available mix-and-match options.

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Fascia system 5

Draper's new fascia system for clutch, spring roller, crank, and motorized shades features smooth fascia edges—no notch is needed for the chain or other operators—and attaches securely to color-matched end caps without fasteners for a seamless appearance, even over multiple shades. The fascia is finished with clear, anodized, scratch-resistant powder coat in black, ivory, white, or charcoal bronze.

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Comprehensive furniture collection 5

Solt™ a comprehensive healthcare collection from KI, provides a range of ergonomic seating options that allow designers to carry a consistent visual signature from a hospital's public space to the patient room. Designed by Daniel Cramer and Paul James, Solt—ce is KI's broadest healthcare collection, with elements ranging from a wooden folding chair and armless loveseat to a lounge sleeper, recliners, and tandem seating. The transitional furniture is designed to work together without being identical and is available in 16 wood stains and a wide range of Pallas textiles.

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Nature—inspired flooring collection 4

Incorporating elements found in nature with the durability inherent to Lees' NeoFloorá products, the Moments Collection showcases nature's soothing details to bring restful, spa-like elements into the healing environment. NeoFloor has the advantages of carpet and the ease-of-maintenance of hard surfaces, with superior aesthetics and density suitable for heavy foot and wheeled traffic areas. Its unique layered construction provides a complete moisture barrier, comfort underfoot, and improved slip-resistance and acoustic properties. The vertical fiber orientation, without twist, affords superior soil and allergen release.

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Expanded furniture line 5

Brayton Healthcare is expanding its Neighbor product line by introducing several models and options that will enhance specification flexibility. Neighbor's ordering platform is also being updated. The product can now be ordered in separate components, allowing complete customization and modularity. There also will be new arm panel options, as well as a new extended table and a double-size ottoman.

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3Fire-resistive art glass

Meltdown Glass Art & Design of Chandler, Arizona, has aligned itself with SAFTI FIRST to provide fire-resistive, kiln-cast art glass. The companies' combined expertise in design and technology created this product without compromise to the patented process or loss of function during a fire. The product allows designers to enhance a building with glass art while addressing vital fire-resistive and life-safety issues and meeting building codes.

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Secure work space 5

NOVA Solutions offers the Trolley for integrating technology hardware into working and learning environments. The Trolley provides easy access to a flat-panel display; when the screen is not in use, the Trolley allows it to move beneath the work surface, bringing an extra level of security. Since the display can be locked beneath the desk, the Trolley is suitable for organizations handling sensitive and confidential information.

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5Luxury vinyl tile

LG Floors extends its Deco Stone luxury vinyl tile commercial flooring line with two collections, Orbit and Camelot. Orbit features four metallic colorways called Cassini, Charon, Callisto, and Titan. Camelot includes four end-grain wood patterns in a contemporary color palette with names inspired by towns in southwest England associated with Camelot—Taunton, Tiverton, Dorchester, and Salisbury. LG Floors also added to its Deco Wood plank collection with two new wood grains designed to recreate the modern look of bamboo.

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Rubber flooring 5

Natural stone was the inspiration behind norament® luxor from nora® rubber flooring. Color granules on a neutral background and the product's smooth, mat-silk polished surface give luxor the natural look of terrazzo or marble.

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Vinyl upholstery pattern 5

Inspired by the intricate maze of veins in a single leaf, Arc-Com, in collaboration with designer Patty Madden, introduces Sylvan, a vinyl upholstery pattern. Displaying an organic motif, Sylvan is available in a palette of soft blue-greens, bright reds and oranges, and sophisticated neutrals.

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Casegoods collection 5

The Opus™ collection from Nurture by Steelcase combines the convenience of traditional freestanding furniture with the flexibility of modular furniture. The components combine in many configurations including storage, seating, display, and a sink unit to support activities and to allow for flexibility. Components are available in laminate and veneer with hardware choices to complement any décor.

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