Phthalate-free textiles

Highlighting designs inspired by the glamour of classic film stars, Carnegie's new textiles were created in response to the growing need for polyurethane upholstery that is as versatile, durable, and cleanable as vinyl. Bardot, Hepburn, and Monroe reflect current design and color trends, making them suitable for nearly any environment including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and more. Bardot, Hepburn, and Monroe are antimony, heavy metal, and phthalate-free, and feature low VOCs. Of the water and raw materials used in their production, 99% is recycled. These textiles are suited for interior spaces that demand durability, ease of care, and high performance.

Soft foam sculptures

David Meyer Associates and Bomar Softplay International offer soft foam sculpted design elements. The creations are substructure sculpted from soft, high-density foam. Multiple coats of rubberized urethane with fiberglass reinforcement are used and the sculptures are finished with specially made, extreme high-gloss paint. The creations are suitable for use in hospitals and clinics outdoors in gardens and playgrounds or indoors in lobbies, atriums, play rooms, child care centers, and other spaces.

Textured glass

Joel Berman Glass Studios introduces sanitary, and nonporous, decorative glass. Allowing the transmission of light, while obscuring objects, Joel Berman Glass Studios kiln-cast textured glass combines privacy with hygienic properties, and can be creatively incorporated into healthcare design.

Automated handwashing system

Resurgent Health & Medical manufactures and distributes CleanTech automated handwashing systems and CleanTracker RFID Compliance Monitoring Software. CleanTech performs a fully-automated wash, sanitize, and rinse cycle. Upgraded with CleanTracker RFID compliance monitoring, the CleanTech System automatically tracks and records handwashing for report generation.

LED graphic panels

Everbrite's LED Graphic Panel Illuminators provide uniform illumination for various projects. Everbrtie Lighting is able to design, engineer, and build custom LED light panels that fit the curvature of a curtain wall. The LED panel system's high brightness LEDs are used to achieve a certain light level as needed for installations.

Wall-hung caseworks

Wahu, a manufacturer of modular millwork, introduces wall-hung caseworks that allow a customized fit for various spaces. Wahu millwork uses 3D laminates from Klockner and Kydex allowing soft edges and eliminating delimitation. Other features Wahu offers are lighted drawers, hands-free drawers, and soft close doors and drawers by Blum.

Modular fluid warming

Enthermics Medical Systems introduces another member to its WarmRight line of fluid warmers. ivNow fluid warmers are small, convenient units that can be placed in a number of different combinations and environments. Countertop, wall-mounted, and mobile units are all available. The patented heating method heats intravenous and irrigation fluids to 40°C (104°F) and its specially contoured warming surface cradles one liter solution bags. Enthermics fluid warming equipment has three different temperature environments-one for blankets, one for injection fluids, and another for irrigation fluids.

Room divider kits

Móz's room divider kits are made of decorative metal and are suitable for defining and dividing spaces in healthcare facilities for patient privacy. The ready-to-install, 3-panel kits are available flat or curved and in two heights. Made with rigid solid and perforated aluminum, which contains 80% post-industrial recycled aluminum and contributes to LEED 2.0 MR Credit: 4 Recycled Content, the panels can be decorated to complement the healing environment with a combination of subtle or vibrant Móz colors and hand-etched patterns. Protective coatings are available.

Nature scene artwork

Health Environment Art Services worked with local talent for a 600-piece art program for Alexian Brothers Medical Center which encompassed work in a variety of mediums. The hospital's goal for their new bed tower was to bring some of nature's beauty and serenity indoors through artwork.

Carousel table

Landscape Forms announces the redesign of Carousel to create a 3-seat table with attached seating that complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for fixed seating. The Carousel 3-seat table is offered with backed or backless seats in wire grid or perforated metal. Several table top materials are also offered. It is finished with Pangard II polyester powdercoat, available in a selection of standard and optional colors. Carousel tables feature a built-in umbrella holder and any Landscape Forms umbrella style may be used with the ADA compliant 3-seat Carousel tables. The table is also offered in 4-seat, 5-seat and 6-seat styles that may be combined with the 3-seat ADA compliant style to provide a cohesive design for outdoor spaces. Healthcare Design 2010 July;10(7):43