Project category: New construction (completed January 2005)

Chief administrator: Paul Kappelman, Chief Executive Officer, (520) 901-3500

Firm: Gould Turner Group, PC, (615) 297-3122

Design team: Linda S. Marzialo, AIA, ACHA, Principal-in-Charge; Steve J. Delany, Project Manager (Gould Turner Group, PC); Steve Kemp, PE, Principal, MEP Engineering (TLC Engineering for Architecture); Thomas S. Tarpy, Jr., PhD, Principal, Structural Engineering (Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd.); Brad Lipsey, Project Manager (Littlejohn Engineering Associates, Inc.)

Photography: © Rion Rizzo, Creative Sources Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 243,500

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $185

Total construction cost (excluding land): $45,000,000

This new acute care hospital meets market demands for an outpatient-focused hospital in a fast-growing Tucson suburb. The facility footprint had to accommodate plans for future expansion with minimal disruption to ongoing hospital operations.

The exterior is an example of community-influenced architecture, featuring a color palette based on three tones of a single color derived from the site's natural colors. The exterior design minimizes the visual impact on the hospital's surroundings and neighboring communities, while maximizing views of mountain vistas from patient treatment areas and public waiting areas. Blue tinted glass reflects the color of the Arizona sky and helps to reduce energy costs.

A local ordinance requires that 1% of construction cost for public facilities be dedicated to public art. The rotunda design in the main reception area evokes the feel of an art gallery, with alcoves and lighting to highlight each piece in the collection. The sculptures, oil and watercolor paintings, and glasswork create a unique and calming atmosphere for patients and visitors.

Digital technology features filmless radiology, wireless phones and computers, computerized drug dispensing, wireless cardiac monitoring, high-definition imaging and cardiac cath lab, and minimally invasive surgery suites.

This new facility embraces the latest diagnostic technology, inpatient and outpatient services, user-friendly logistics, and an environment that promotes healing. Northwest Medical Center Oro Valley intends to become the place of choice for patients, physicians, and employees.