In July 2007, the Center for Life Management (CLM) opened its new two-story 27,000-square-foot facility in Derry, New Hampshire. This modern facility serves as the community mental health organization's primary location for outpatient and community-based care. The new center replaces three older outpatient buildings that required frequent improvements.

The new facility was constructed using a design-build approach. The facility includes 42 treatment offices, 3 waiting areas, 2 group therapy rooms, conference and training rooms, private triage/crisis service area, central administration and medical records areas, and an on-site pharmacy. With a philosophy that “the program should drive real estate decisions,” CLM chose a location adjacent to a large primary care medical practice to improve integration between mental health and medical services.

During the design phase input from all levels of staff was considered, and special attention was given to each program's unique traits. The design team focused on creating a tranquil, inviting atmosphere with a design concept (“comfort in nature”) rooted in the belief that people receive the best care when they are at ease and comfortable in their environment. This was accomplished through colors, finishes, lighting, furniture, and artwork selection. Natural light is brought inside through large windows (tinted to protect privacy) in most treatment offices. Warm colors (such as rosemary green and autumn orange) evoke New England's landscape. For the exterior, traditional red brick was used for its ageless appearance and in keeping with the building's New England location.

Jury Comment: The color palette and finish palette are nice and comfortable. The reception desk area stands out as a well-designed element.

Healthcare Design 2009 September;9(9):262