With the recent news of a patient falling to her death from her hospital room window, the debate continues on whether patient room windows should be operable. What is your view?

25% - Patient room windows should be fully operable. Give the patient control over the space.

50% - Windows should be only able to open a couple inches.

25% - The windows should not be operable at all.


-This would allow for some fresh air if needed.

-Our hospital had a suicide incident from the hi-rise patient tower with wide opwning windows.

-The issue of operable windows is one of control of contaminates and climate. Why have filters in the HVAC equipment more efficient than what is needed to maintain the equipment if we allow the windows to open at all. The second issue is about building control how can the building maintain a positive pressure if windows are opened. Operable windows in a health care facility are a safety, energy and environmental health issue and should NOT be allowed.

-Although patients need fresh air but air control system in hospital don't allow to open the windows at all.

-Why not have jut the upper part of the window operable so it can prevent a patient from falling while allowing for patient control over space?

-A la Florence Nightingale, YES, open the windows!!! And Yes, you can still design safety features to prevent accidents or other untoward events. Fresh air and love and two very powerful medicines.

-used to be code issue

-patients may become suicidal and distraught. They can overcome restricted openings and/or slip through openings as small as 4".

-Patients need the freedom to not feel suffocated from being stuck inside their patient rooms the ability to let some fresh air in can do patients a world of good. However, the windows should not be fully operable to prevent accidents or other problems.

-patient could be infected thru airborne contaminants.

-HVAC systems are designed to provide the optimal internal environment. Installing window that open defeats the issue and may increase utility costs.

-The world is full of dangers. Unless he patient is known to be mentally ill, or is known to be suicidal, we should always fight to maintain individual rights, freedom, and responsibility, even if it means an occasional consequence.

-Having high railings on balcony type windows improves safety and having the window only open from approximately a 4 foot level would also address the problem of "falling".

-This issue reminds me of the woman who sued McDonald's becuase their coffee was too hot and it burned her hand. We shouldn't base building codes on people determined to injure themselves. A 9" x 18" opening might be inappropriate on a pediatric or psych ward, but not for a typical patient room.

-Medications can possibly cause patients to become confused and disoriented. Are there any NFPA codes about using windows for possible fire egress?

-Open windows play havoc on Heating and cooling - also insects come in through the screens

-people are stupid enough to jump