HealthView™-Infection Control Station

HealthView™, the latest innovation from APCO Signs, is a unique modular system for dispensing a number of infection control products including wipes, hand foam, tissues, and masks. The system is constructed of pre-engineered, quality aluminum components and is available in a range of finishes for wall, stanchion, and kiosk mounting.

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Patient Room Information Board

Patient Room Information Board combines a clock, writing surface, and tackboard into one unit. Available with SyncTech™, an innovative solution for facility-wide time and messaging, broadcasting synchronized, legally traceable time throughout your facility via a single transmitter. No interference with sensitive medical equipment. Easy and cost-effective installation.

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Peter Pepper Products, Inc.
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Custom-Made Draperies From Factory Direct Drapes™

Since 1954 Factory Direct Drapes™ has specialized in providing the healthcare industry with high-quality, American-made draperies, curtains, and valances, known for high-quality craftsmanship and long-lasting durability.

Factory Direct Drapes delivers prices, quality, and variety that is unmatched. Our fire-retardant fabrics meet all state and federal requirements.

Factory Direct Drapes™

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ADA & ANCI Compliant Access Systems

ZERO International manufactures a complete USA-made line of ADA- and ANCI-compliant components: ramps, saddles, thresholds, wheelchair-accessible shower entry, “light-spring” action head/jamb and door bottom gaskets, stair nosings, child finger guards, unigear and unipin hinges, and photo luminescent exit marking systems. All are available in our catalog, on our Web site, or through our engineering department.

ZERO International

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Pneumatic Tube Delivery System

Pevco designs, installs, and supports pneumatic tube delivery systems. Whether we're building a new delivery system, adding to an existing Pevco system, or replacing or adding to another manufacturer's, Pevco systems are cost-effective and designed with flexibility in mind, so that they can grow as a hospital does.


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Brava Glider is latest extension in Nemschoff line

The Brava Glider is available with open or closed arms and features multiple arm-cap options, a high back, and wide arms for enhanced comfort. The extensive Brava family includes lobby, waiting area, and patient room seating options. Brava offers numerous design possibilities for a variety of healthcare settings.

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MedLux XLS™ LED downlight

Everbrite Lighting's MedLux XLS™ LED downlight with full-dimming capabilities is maintenance-free, produces no RF interference, carries a three-year warranty, eliminates downtime from burned-out bulbs, and reduces replacement costs. LEDs also eliminate image-degrading artifacts that can appear when an incandescent bulb's filament is cracked.

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Everbrite Lighting

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Design solutions for more than 60 years

BDA has become the leader in providing innovative and functional design solutions to our regional healthcare community. In business for more than 60 years, our healthcare client list includes many hospitals, clinics, and physician groups, some of which we have served continuously for more than 30 years.

Burkavage Design Associates, LLC

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Designed to satisfy a variety of patient care needs, Herbie is functional and attractive. Featuring Elastomeric fabric, Herbie is easy to clean and disinfect, with breathable material that allows heat and moisture to aid in preventing bedsores. Herbie's optional features allow improved patient care and easier accessibility for care providers.

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Synchronized Time and Messa
ging Without Wires

SyncTech™, an innovative solution for facility-wide time and messaging. Broadcast synchronized, legally traceable time throughout your facility via a single transmitter. Add unlimited additional clocks as your needs change. No interference with sensitive medical equipment. Five- and 10-year clock batteries reduce labor costs.

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Peter Pepper Products, Inc.
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Unique “Green” Healthcare Tables

We designed this table line to have it all: durability, versatility, and to be environmentally friendly, with style and adjustable height options. In addition, if you use our seamless urethane edge you will achieve water-/fluid-resistance with antibacterial properties.

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MyDay™-Display system

The new MyDay Display System, which includes Marker Boards, Pin Boards, Magnetic Boards, Clocks, Magazine Holders, and Hangers, makes a functional addition to any patient room or nurses' station. APCO has been providing quality interior and exterior sign systems to healthcare facilities for more than 40 years.

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APCO Signs

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Facelift Collection

  • Velcro-attached upholstery
  • Antimicrobial moisture barrier
  • Easily replaced components

The Facelift Collection of renewable furniture has the features to keep your interiors looking great. Our newest addition joins an ever-expanding collection, which includes lounge, guest, and tandem seating; benches; ottomans; and tables. Proudly made in the United States.

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Trinity Furniture Incorporated
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Studio Lilica Lightform Sculptures®

Custom architectural lighting and kinetic fabric sculptures channel light, line, and motion to transform conventional spaces into extraordinary environments. Our Lightform Sculptures® are available in a wide range of colors and custom options. Visit us at to view our complete line of lighting, sculpture, and environmental installations for modern healthcare interiors.

Studio Lilica

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RF Technologies® Introduces Help Alert® WiFi E-Call Pendant

Help Alert® from RF Technologies® is a WiFi Emergency Call Solution for use by hospital staff in duress situations. A press of the e-call pendant alerts security staff to an emergency and its location. Help Alert works with existing WiFi infrastructures and permits components to communicate upon activation.

RF Technologies®

(800) 669-9946


Airborne Contamination? How do you know…for sure?

Protects patients and staff

  • All mechanical continuous P/N Airflow Indicator
  • No calibration required
  • Easy to install
  • Easy-to-read airflow direction at a glance
  • Can accommodate all wall dimensions
  • Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturer defects
LAMIFLOW technologies, LLC


2/90 Enhanced

Offers designers a sustainable sign system that can be customized with infinite colors, textures, materials, and design elements to complement any environment. For over 30 years, 2/90 has successfully worked with designers to direct people to, through, and out of healthcare facilities.

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2/90 Sign Systems

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Customized Art for Every Space

MFA offers over 1,000 digital reproduction prints that can be custom sized and printed on several different materials to fit every type of space and budget. We also offer additional consulting services including framing and installation for all your projects.

Myriad Fine Art

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The Aussie Seating Collection Aussie Lounge Chair # 11213

All of David Edward's products meet and exceed the Healthcare Specifications including our nine-step hermetically sealed finish which is impervious to alcohol, blood, urine, and bleach solution. An ultra-violet inhibitor serves to protect the wood from direct sunlight pre
venting the wood finish from fading or cracking.

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David Edward

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Wayfinding and Design

With more than 37 years of healthcare-specific experience, INNERFACE Architectural Signage, Inc., provides turnkey interior and exterior signage wayfinding, design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services. Our environmental graphic design team works almost exclusively with healthcare clients nationwide to create wayfinding systems that are effective and support brand development.

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INNERFACE Architectural Signage, Inc.

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Organic Imagery Encourages Health

Our art is perfect for healthcare and healing environments. Exquisite and calming images of nature bring a sense of “fresh air” to

patients, visitors, and staff. We print on a variety of contemporary mediums, including canvas, metal, papers, plexi, and sheer fabric panels. Our versatile process allows easy customization.

Organic Imagery

(760) 415-8285


Suspended Sculpture

Talley Fisher creates suspended sculpture for atriums and lobbies, many of which are in hospitals. Her imagery is based on natural forms-birds, schools of fish, flowers, autumn leaves, and for Reid Hospital in Indiana, pictured above, drifting clouds in the skylights. These sculptures evoke positive meaning and hopeful optimism.

Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC

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32LG3DCH 32″ Class Hospital Grade HDTV

LG's UL listed 32LG3DCH LCD HDTV delivers advanced technologies tailored for healthcare facilities: Pro:Idiom® DRM, a pillow speaker port, and a rear speaker disable switch. Built-in Dynamic Power Savings reduces power consumption by adjusting backlight levels. Backed by a two-year limited warranty, the 32LG3DCH assists in enhancing in-room entertainment.

LG Electronics USA, Inc.

(877) 793-6484


Custom Wall Murals Create a Calming Environment

Murals Your Way offers:

  • Over 5,000 images in any size. It's your image, your size, your way.
  • Printing on Class A fire-rated, commercial type II vinyl wallcovering or high-quality, natural eco-canvas.
  • Design consultants available to help with your project.
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Murals Your Way
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ThematicsTM products are specifically developed for the healthcare industry.

ThematicsTM GateFrame for easy-to-change-out art and directories, chart holders, magazine racks, and hand sanitizer housing units are among the products that promote meaningful interior environments.

ThematicsTM distinctive accessories and custom capabilities offer end users a creative resource.


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Introducing Woven Agion®

cf stinson introduces the Now & Zen Collection of Woven Agion® performance fabrics. Inspired by the serenity and tranquility of Asian gardens, this innovative fabric collection features Agion® bi-component (silver/copper) antimicrobial technology “built in” to the 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fiber. All

seven patterns are colored using bleach cleanable dyes and are crafted with pride in the United States.

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cf stinson

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Sittris is a progressive hospital seating system designed to address the major issues in healthcare today:

  • Infection control
  • Worker health and safety
  • Patient comfort and dignity
  • Liability issues

We have the effective solution for a variety of healthcare environments.

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