Antimicrobial fabric line

CMI Enterprises has introduced Nanocide™ Antimicrobial. Their newly released “Dimensions” line of coated fabrics for upholstery and bedding will be the first of its kind for the industry, featuring Nanocide Antimicrobial. Test results for the “Dimensions” line have shown that 99.9% of resistant Staphylococcus germs that come in contact with it are killed within 30 minutes. For further information or to request samples, call 800.346.0475, ext. 313, visit, or e-mail

Dust-reducing joint compound

Sheetrock® brand dust control joint compound from USG Corporation has a unique quality that binds dust particles together to create a “heavy dust” that, when sanded, falls straight to the floor, making prep time and cleanup faster and easier. The dust control properties of Sheetrock have been independently verified with Worker Industrial Hygiene Testing. For further information, visit

Antimicrobial paint

Moldex PAINT! is a high-quality, competitively priced, mold and mildew-resistant paint for architectural finish applications. This water-based acrylic finish paint uses AgIon silver antimicrobial technology, and is warranted against mold and mildew growth on its surface for 10 years from application with a single coat. Moldex PAINT! is tintable, and comes in both an eggshell and semigloss finish. For further information, visit, or call 877.463.2628.

UV germicidal lamp portfolio

Eleven compact fluorescent and linear UV germicidal lamps from General Electric provide a greater variety of energy-efficient, low-maintenance products for disinfecting air, water, and surface mediums. There are seven new GE plug-in Biax® compact fluorescent lamps, each of which offers a rated life of 8,000 hours. Also debuting this year are four GE linear fluorescent UV germicidal lamps. In preventing DNA replication, the lamps inactivate bacteria, mold, and viruses that threaten occupied spaces, air filtration systems, food, and water. For further information, visit

PVC-free wallcovering

An outcome of Milliken & Company's research and green chemistry, 180 Walls® is a collection of high friction backed textile wall coverings that hangs without paste; experiences no wet movement, shrinkage, or corner peel; and can be removed years later without damage to walls. The PVC-free wallcovering is made of 100% recycled fiber and improves IAQ—one of the top five environmental health risks for buildings—by addressing mold and off-gassing. Product certifications include Cradle to Cradle™ Silver, GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality®, and GREENGUARD Children & Schools™. For more information, visit

Fluorescent lamp recycling program

Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc., announces its LampTracker® DualGuard™ fluorescent recycling system for short-term storage, shipping, and recycling of mercury-containing fluorescent lamps. The easy-to-assemble container features a sturdy, dual-box design. For further information, visit

Pressure-assist water closets

The Zurn Plumbing Products Group offers the EcoVantage pressure-assist series of water closets, which promote water savings and HET compliance. The EcoVantage dual-flush saves 40% more water than conventional 1.6 gallon per flush types. For further information, visit or call 877.987.6669.

Instrument Air system

BeaconMedæs' Instrument Air system comes in 7½ or 10 hp versions in simplex (with cylinder backup), duplex, or triplex versions and is equipped with oil-lubricated, two-staged, air-cooled reciprocating compressors. Instrument Air has the ability to not only drive surgical tools, but other applications such as pneumatic devices. It is less costly on a per-volume-used basis compared to nitrogen. To obtain a copy of BeaconMedæs' Instrument Air discussion paper, please contact Nikkie Perry at, or visit and click on the Library tab for more information.

Solar roofing membrane

Open Energy Corporation's SOLARSAVE® Roofing Membrane maintains the natural look of property while generating clean, safe, efficient electricity from the sun. The membrane is easy to install, blends seamlessly into the existing roofline, and reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. For further information, visit or call 866.675.2772.

White-LED lighting

AlbEO Technologies, Inc., introduces the RP1060 series white-LED fluorescent replacement fixtures with light levels and total efficiencies comparable to many dual lamp T8 fluorescent light fixtures. Targeted at lighting applications with high maintenance costs, the RP1060 can quickly pay for itself with long-lasting operational savings in energy and maintenance. This performance is made possible with high efficacy light emitting diodes (LEDs) and AlbEO's new MTR™ thermal management technology. Benefits include low maintenance, long lifetimes, high shock and vibration tolerance, no mercury recycling requirements, instant on-off, full dimming, low energy consumption, and excellent low-temperature performance. For further information, phone 866.825.5420 or visit

Green Seal-approved cleaners

Spray Nine Corporation has launched the Adirondack Green line of cleaning products, all of which are Green Seal (GS-37) certified. The line consists of All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser, Bathroom Cleaner, and Glass Cleaner, all available in 4 × 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon containers. For further information, visit or call 800.477.7299.