Direct-Indirect Luminaires

Corelite™/Cooper Lighting offers the Corelite Navigator Series—three distinct modular architectural fluorescent luminaires with an array of optical-control features for complex direct-indirect applications requiring energy-efficient ambient lighting. The Navigator Series is available in three basic uniform products: the 9"-wide Navigator II (T5/T8), the 6"-wide Minigator (T5), and the Gator Wall Mount (T5/T8). Each is available with three downlight-media options: the RPerformance™ Louver that meets RP-1 in select configurations, a standard Cross Blade Baffle Louver offering maximum downlight, and a Concave Metallic Perf Insert with a natural metal finish.

Two control options are available. The first is Slide-N-Lock™ optics, a patent-pending, fully adjustable kit consisting of two sliding and locking pieces of high-reflectance painted metal that sit over the luminaire lamps. This adjustable mechanism makes possible numerous combinations of uplight and downlight percentages. The second control option is Lamp-Isolators; the “isolators” isolate individual lamps in either an uplight or downlight orientation, allowing for precise control to meet the task criteria of the space or to save energy by eliminating power to a portion of the lighting system. This feature can be combined with dual circuit switching to expand lighting control options even further. Circle 50 on Reader Service Card

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Techstyle® Acoustical Ceilings panels from Hunter Douglas are available in two new colors—off-white and black—and a new 2′ × 6′ panel format. The panels feature the same acoustic properties and monolithic appearance as the company's original panels, as well as the clip/hinge system that allows the panels to swing down, providing easy access to the plenum.

Techstyle panels were previously only available in a bright-white hue with a subtle cool-blue undertone. The addition of off-white and flat-black panels provides a different ambience. The new 2′ × 6′ format also offers more design freedom and can be used with any of the other existing panel formats. Circle 52 on Reader Service Card

Bed-Wall Lighting

Derungs® Medical Lighting offers the Amadea®, its newest modular bed-wall lighting for hospital rooms. The Amadea features flexible and energy-efficient four-way light distribution for meeting patient and staff needs, including indirect/direct lighting for examinations, direct lighting for reading, and a night-light.

The Andrea comes in 36" and 48" lengths and can easily be mounted to any bed-wall area. An available remote control adjusts the light levels and connects to telephone/network devices, including nurse-call systems and building wiring. A patient-controlled pad is also available for nurse call and control of the light functions.

Amadea lamps have a rated life of 20,000 hours and are UL and CUL listed. Circle 53 on Reader Service Card

Ceiling and Wall Tiles

CONTOUR™ Ceiling and Wall Tiles from illbruck Architectural Products are available in four new patterns—Crosspoint, Allusion, Mosaic, and Matrix—that offer visual appeal and acoustic performance.

CONTOUR tiles are available for both ceiling and wall installations. The ceiling tiles, for use in standard ceiling grid systems, have a backerboard that blocks sound from traveling into adjacent rooms, giving them a CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) of 34. CONTOUR tiles without a backerboard adhere with illbruck's AcouSTIC™ foam adhesive to existing clean surfaces on walls and ceilings. The tiles reflect as much as 86% of the light directed toward them to help brighten the room.

The ceiling tiles are made from illbruck's willtec® Class 1 fire-rated foam. The 2′ × 2′ tiles maintain their integrity in moist and humid environments without sagging. Hypalon® coating on tile surfaces makes them durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

CONTOUR tiles can be ordered in custom patterns and special color-matched hues. Circle 54 on Reader Service Card

Wallcovering Line

The Haven Collection is Wolf-Gordon's second group of wallcoverings in its Haven binder for contract interiors. Following the release of Haven Etchings, the Haven Collection was also created by veteran designer Patty Madden.

The Haven Collection includes 18 patterns, ranging in style from natural shapes to geometrics and mosaics. The pattern Composition, for example, has a crepe fabric overprint that exudes a soft, delicate feel, while Celebration is a structured parquet-like pattern of squares. Circle 55 on Reader Service Card

Wall Tile

Fritz Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of marble and granite terrazzo floor tile, introduces its Fritztile 6100 Fluted Wall Tile and 6200 Brick Wall Tile Series. These products add the look and feel of hand-carved, natural marble or granite to vertical surfaces.

The two new wallcovering patterns use genuine marble and granite and have the appearance of painstaking artisan workmanship. The Brick style has extra detail, with several different mortar colors that can be selected as inlaid color. The wall tiles are 11.92″ × 11.92″ in a 1/4″ gauge.

Fritz Industries also manufactures 12 styles of high-quality, precast terrazzo floor tile and a complete line of associated products, including underlayments for floor preparation, adhesives, and floor care products. Circle 57 on Reader Service Card

Glass Textile Wallcovering

Johns Manville introduces Tassoglas® Natural Elegance, a glass textile that offers reduced environmental impact and a natural appearance.

Using a smaller amount of raw materials makes this product lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, as well as reducing transport costs. Despite its lower weight, the finished textile remains strong and its patterns visible. The collection includes several patterns inspired by traditional themes and images in the Nordic and Asian cultures.

When painted, Natural Elegance projects a durable, uniform, and easily maintained finished appearance that can be changed and updated as requirements and color/design preferences change.

The supplier of Tassoglas for the United States, Canada, and Mexico is RJF International Corp. The Natural Elegance collection is available through Koroseal® and Sanitas® distributors. Circle 58 on Reader Service Card

Wall System

Marlite has introduced a new wall system, Connections™ consisting of full-size (4′ × 8′ and 4′ × 10′) medium-density fiberboard panels that can be finished with virtually any high-pressure laminate (HPL). A surface groove accommodates aluminum inserts that give the system a finished, modular appearance.

Connections is available in three styles, including square, rectangle, and linear patterns. The 3/4″-thick panels are screw-fastened to the wall, requiring no adhesive. Connections can be used in floor-to-ceiling, wainscot, and column-wrap applications.

HPL provides the durability and cleaning properties needed in healthcare facilities. In the event a panel does become damaged, the nonprogressive installation design of Connections makes replacement easy. Only the panel being replaced needs to be removed from the wall.

The system reduces installation costs because it doesn't require installers to build a framework or grid, and they don't have to install each individual panel. Instead, they can cover 32 square feet or more at a time. Circle 59 on Reader Service Card

Wallcovering/Textile Collection

Designtex has launched a coordinated collection of wallcoverings and textiles created by the twenty2 design studio. The collection includes nine wallcovering, three upholstery, and three drapery patterns.

The collection is grouped into three coordinating design families: Lads, Fronds, and Minors. Pattern effects vary from a distance, creating the illusion of dynamic movement and texture through slight shifts in color tone and graphic scale. These patterns feature a versatile mix of geometrics and are produced in colors that coordinate and match in value and intensity. Circle 60 on Reader Service Card

Wall Carpet

Tretford wall carpet from Eurotex now comes in 51 colors, each heathered naturally for a softer visual image. Tretford is a soft blend of natural goat hair, nylon, and viscose. The ribbed surface texture retains its crisp look with minimal maintenance. The wall carpet is rated Class A for resistance to flame and smoke, and it muffles sound and reduces operating costs by protecting walls.

Tretford carpet for floors is offered in matching colors and texture. Also, carpet tile with fiberglass and polyvinyl silicon composite backing is offered in 32 colors and matching texture. Circle 62 on Reader Service Card

Textural Wallcoverings

Carnegie introduces Composite, Dunes, Stonecrest, and Tussah, four woven wallcoverings in sophisticated color palettes. The textural, tactile patterns offer tailored looks at an affordable price.

Composite and Dunes render surfaces that catch reflecting light, thereby exposing the tracery of their weaves, while Stonecrest and Tussah are handsomely textural yet crisp. Circle 63 on Reader Service Card

Movable Wall

KI's Genius® Full Height Movable Wall, designed by Eberhard von Huene & Associates, combines acoustic properties, aesthetics, and functionality. This wall has removable faces/skins for finish changes or field electrical/data retrofits and offers environmentally friendly, powder-coated or anodized finish options.

The Genius Full Height Movable Wall offers many door options, glass-enclosed miniblinds, and a variety of glazing and finish options, providing privacy, light control, and striking aesthetic effects. It also features removable panel shells, which allows facility managers and end-users to fully access the panel cavity or change finishes without disassembling the wall and to run cabling horizontally and vertically within a full or segmented glass panel unit for power and data connections. KI Technology ensures that any possible electronic or magnetic interference will be eliminated.

The wall has a 3″-thick panel yet is lighter than most wall products in its category because of its aluminum construction. It features optional slotting built into its framework to accommodate hang-on components while maintaining a smooth look. Circle 64 on Reader Service Card

Gypsum Fiber Sheathing for Structural Walls

United States Gypsum Co.'s FIBEROCK® Brand AQUA-TOUGH™ Sheathing can provide an effective solution to the problem of rising steel costs. It is a gypsum product with unique strength and durability characteristics that allow builders to increase framing spacing without sacrificing safety or structural integrity.

For exterior wall designs facing windloads of 30 pounds per square foot or less, FIBEROCK sheathing can be installed over framing that is 24″ OC (on-center) rather than the conventional 16″ OC. The sheathing's strength allows it to span greater distances between framing members, even at ″ thickness, while keeping the overall wall straight and true. This can reduce the amount of steel framing required by 50% and can speed construction. Independent testing confirms that FIBEROCK sheathing is the first gypsum substrate that delivers the needed flexural strength and nail-pull resistance required in 24″ OC construction. Circle 65 on Reader Service Card

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