Earth-friendly polyurethane textile

The new Everywhere pattern, from the All Spaces collection by Sina Pearson Textiles, made of 100% polyurethane (looks/feels like leather), can be used indoors and outside. Everywhere's solid colors won't fade in sunlight, and stay cool to the touch. The polyurethane incorporates Cleangene technology, and has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and mildew-resistant properties that are suitable for healthcare environments. Everywhere can also be used on vertical surfaces and is free of PVC and formaldehyde. It contains no phthalate, BPA, lead or heavy metals, is nontoxic and low-VOC.


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Canvas acoustical ceiling

Techstyle Canvas acoustical ceilings by Hunter Douglas Contract are a ceiling system with a range of design choices for ceiling panels. The digital design library offers thousands of solid colors and color matching to any major paint manufacturer, as well as a wide variety of textures and surface patterns, including wood grain, plaster, leather, and many more. Tiles are available for standard lay-in installation or with hidden clips for convenient swing-down access to the plenum. When converted panels can also attach under conventional suspended T-grid, or be applied directly to drywall and decks. The ceiling system offers acoustical performance (NRC = 0.85; SAA = 0.86) and meets Class A (ASTM E84) requirements.

Sustainable flooring

Forbo Flooring Systems presents its MCS collection of Marmoleum sheet flooring. Its Topshield finish allows occupancy-ready installation. MCS features naturally inherent antimicrobial and antistatic properties that help to improve indoor air quality while inhibiting the growth of MRSA and other strains of bacteria. MCS is financially beneficial to LEED projects, and carries LCA-based environmental certifications. MCS is available in 30 colors, and can be water-jet cut to create custom designs.

Healthcare flooring

The new Synergy Series from Blueridge is a collection of three broadloom and two modular patterns. It combines durable type 6,6 nylon and practical colors. A quick-ship program is available on select colors. The flooring offering is suitable for healthcare, corporate, educational, institutional, or retail.

Vinyl flooring

From Parterre's new FusedToo vinyl flooring collection comes Footings. Footings comes in an organic Solid Stone color, in 18″ x 18″ tiles. It offers the high performance and maintenance of vinyl and is antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and sound absorbent, making it an ideal choice for the healthcare industry.

High-performance flooring

The Shadows collection from Shaw Commerical Flooring is made with Eco Solution Q nylon. It is high-performance flooring made for demanding indoor environments in healthcare. Featuring three performance broadloom and three tile patterns, Shadows examines positive and negative ebb and flow, and the contrast between the two.

Commercial sheet flooring

TOLI's Mature commercial sheet flooring from CBC Flooring offers a total of 51 colorways, with modern wood and nonwood prints, to provide architects and designers with design possibilities for healthcare environments. Mature offers facility owners a cross-linked polyurethane wear surface, for durability and low-maintenance options.

Green paint lines

Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc. introduces two zero volatile organic compound (VOC), low-odor paint lines, Enviro Coat and Green Coat, with the largest selection of stock colors with 16 colors now available in eCoat, its recycled paint. The product lines have received industry certifications, including Green Wise, Indoor Advantage Gold, and Master Painters Institute's (MPI's) Green Performance Standard. These products also meet the Green Seal GS-11 VOC criteria for architectural coatings. Enviro Coat can be tinted to a wide variety of custom colors.

Prefabricated tile flooring

Introducing Floorazzo, a new line of prefabricated terrazzo tile flooring by Mats Inc. Floorazzo has 35 standard colors across two collections, Marbles and Gems. Custom colors are also available. Floorazzo is crafted from a resilient polyester resin and combinations of marble, glass, and stone. When paired with the patent-pending FUSION system, which molecularly bonds tiles to create a seamless, crevice free installation, Floorazzo provides a hygienic solution for healthcare applications. It is available in 2′ x 2′ tiles and 2′ x 4′ FUSION System panels.

Sheet rubber flooring

Allstate Rubber introduces its Sheet Rubber flooring. Made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber, it offers design flexibility. It is homogenous so that there's no pattern to wear off. Allstate's Sheet Rubber flooring is available in hammered or smooth finish.

Stain-resistant fabric

Duralee Contract combines Nano-Tex and DuraBlock technology to form a barrier that is impermeable to stains. While Nano-Tex builds spill resistance into the fibers of the fabrics, DuraBlock enhances the stain resistance with a durable liquid barrier that is laminated to the textile. Fabrics treated with Nano-Tex and DuraBlock technology meet ASTM F1670 standards for resistance to penetration by blood, ASTM F1671 standards for resistance to penetration by bloodborne pathogens (virus and bacteria) and block the passage of dust mites and microscopic allergenic matter, making this collection suitable for healthcare application.

Interior coatings

InPro Corporation reintroduces its line of commercial-grade interior coatings. Its low-to-medium interior coating now exceeds 700-scrubs and joins InPro's 2500-scrub paint. The durability of InPro Interior Coatings is measured by scrub ratings using the ASTM 2486 procedure. Both paints can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Also available are InPro Bonding Primer and InPro Sealing-Drywall Primer. InPro coatings are low-VOC, LEED compliant, and contain Microban antimicrobial protection. All InPro Interior Coatings hold the Green Seal Certification, and meet GPS-1 and GPS-2, the Master Painters Institute green performance paint standard.

Polyester microfiber fabric

Liora Manné's Watercolor Blossom fabric is 100% polyester microfiber. The fabric has a width 54 inches or can be customized to a width of up to 13 feet 6 inches wide. Liora Manné's fabric is suitable for both upholstery and wallcovering and is made for high durability. Appropriate for a healthcare environment, the fabric is handmade, antimicrobial, and machine processed. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Drapery textiles

The Essentials collection from Carnegie Fabrics offers a design option that is suitable for hospitality and healthcare environments. With its linen-like textures, simple pattern motifs, and color palette, the Essentials line combines tonalities of texture and color that create surfaces that complement wood, stone, and other natural interior elements. All of the colors are multilayered and all of the textiles in the line are suitable for both drapery and privacy end use. Healthcare Design 2010 October;10(10):83-86