Pullman Regional Hospital's proposed replacement hospital was the district's first major project in nearly 25 years. The new program would include a 26-bed, 94,500-sq.-ft. hospital and 20,000-sq.-ft. medical office expansion.

On a site that is virtually a greenfield, the hospital's understated design takes its cues from an existing medical office building and the landscape of the Palouse—wide-open rolling farmland punctuated by an occasional oasis of farm buildings. Because the modest community was conscious of the line between quality healthcare and “over-the top” design, the hospital wanted to convey state-of-the-art healthcare delivery without appearing to be inappropriately expensive. Because the facility it replaced was crowded and dreary, the new facility emphasized daylight and views.

It was understood that the new facility would be larger and provide more comprehensive services than the old. The facility was designed effectively on one level with clear wayfinding and intuitive circulation patterns.

The project included complete architectural and interior design of a 26-bed replacement hospital and a medical office building. The hospital includes 24-hour emergency services, med/surg care, ICU, general and orthopedic surgery, LDRP services, pediatrics, radiology and laboratory, dietary, materials management, community education and a helipad. The program also includes a physicians' office building and complete site improvements.

After opening, the new facility revenue was up more than 25% in the first six months, a testament to the facility's success.

Project category: New construction (completed December 2004)

Chief administrator: Scott Adams, CEO, (509) 336-0200

Firm: CollinsWoerman, (206) 245-2097

Design team: Phil Giuntoli, Principal-in-Charge; Brian Berg, Medical Planner; James Walker, Project Designer

Photography: ©2004 Shawn Toner, Explosive Illusions

Total building area (sq. ft.): 114,500

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $168

Total construction cost (excluding land): $19,214,000