Project category: New construction & Remodel/Renovation (completed June 2004)

Chief administrator: Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, (651) 480-4100

Firm: Horty Elving, (612) 332-4422

Design team: Tom Horty, FAIA, FACHA, Project Principal; Chris Colantti, AIA, Project Architect; Linda Engel, CID, Project Interior Designer; Dan Williamson, Construction Services Principal; Jim Elving, PE, Project Engineer

Photography: Rick Moore; Jerry Swanson

Total building area (sq. ft.): 40,780 (new); 19,725 (renovation)

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $268 (new); $139 (renovation)

Total cost (excluding land): $10,943,745 (new); $2,735,936 (renovation)

Regina Medical Center—“faithful to its Christian tradition of respect for human life, promotes the health of the whole person”—teamed with us in a master-planning process and, ultimately, a design-build process, the result of which was the first phase of a renovation and addition. The recently completed first phase included a new entrance, birthing center, medical/surgical unit, critical care unit, physicians’ lounge, lab, and medical records spaces. The patient-centered design maximizes health and well-being, reducing stress and promoting whole-person healing while providing an efficient facility for caregivers.

The new main entrance provides a much-needed image change and entry consolidation, welcomes patients and visitors, and creates a sense of place and arrival with its two-story atrium and prominent fountain wall. Water gently cascades down the two-story stone sculpture, providing visual interest, soothing sounds, and enhanced acoustic privacy. The unassuming reception desk and elegant curved stair invite rather than overwhelm. Access to the second floor is clear, with the elevator bank and curved stair clearly visible from the entrance.

The curvilinear design of the inpatient areas creates shorter vistas, enhancing a sense of intimacy and privacy. Softer lines on both the exterior and interior of the new addition soften the visual impact on patients. Small, intimate gathering spaces are provided throughout, giving patients, visitors, and families spaces outside patient rooms in which to share and relax, and nurturing a sense of place.

The Family Birthing Center celebrates the happiness and joy of the occasion, making it as comfortable and stress-free as possible while providing state-of-the-art care. A mother stays in her own private room, which reduces stress for mother, baby, and family. Each spacious room includes a private, ceramic-tile bathroom with an oversized bathtub and shower, as well as overnight accommodations. Attractive cherry wood cabinets surround each new birthing bed, discreetly hiding the presence of technology available in each room. Additional amenities include small hotel-type refrigerators, hair dryers, and a conveniently located snack bar. The surgery center is adjacent to the birthing center and is ready for a cesarean delivery should it be necessary.

In all patient rooms, the visual impact of equipment was minimized, yet is easily accessible for staff. Through-wall server units help preserve privacy and quiet for the patient, because needed supplies can be delivered without an intrusion into the room