Research is so important to Healthcare Design's mission of providing current, usable information to help our readers build and maintain modern and efficient facilities that positively affect patient outcomes. But we're not a technical research journal—another part of our mission is to provide this information in engaging, concise, and easily understandable writing that’s consistent with our brand “voice.”

Our regularly running Research column in the magazine reflects this, but we know there’s more data out there that should be getting your attention. So in an attempt to give you the best of both worlds, we’re launching a new, recurring feature on our site called “Research Briefs.”

When you see the “Research Brief” headline, you’ll find a brief synopsis of a recently published report and a link to where you can access the full report. We’re fortunate to have a sister publication, The HERD Journal, that compiles excellent research on a quarterly basis, and many of the briefs will come from HERD. But we also welcome submissions from other organizations and entities—so if you’ve recently published relevant research, or even if you’ve just seen someone else’s research elsewhere and want to bring it to our attention, let me know.