One of HEALTHCARE DESIGN.11's roundtable discussions at 11:30a.m. on Monday, November 14, will focus on post-occupancy evaluations and other lessons learned. "Healthy Village—Lessons Learned from an Integrated Care Delivery Model" is being moderated by Michael Scherbel, AIA, NCARB, EDAC, Partner, Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP, and Greg Britton, FACHE, President and CEO, Beloit Health System.

They shared a few points about NorthPointe Health and Wellness Center with Shandi Matambanadzo, Associate Editor, HEALTHCARE DESIGN magazine and attendees are welcome to share and discuss the metrics used to define success and the critical lessons learned.

The concept of designing a “comprehensive health campus” that will meet the physical, social, and psychological needs of a community on one site, a holistic approach, is becoming the ideal. Can you speak on how this master plan for NorthPointe Health and Wellness Center came together to deliver a facility that met that criteria?
Michael Scherbel, AIA, NCARB, EDAC:
The Northpointe “Healthy Village” is a direct response to the basic question of “ How do we support healthy communities” as well as the community’s response to what they desire of their healthcare provider; quality, personalized , cost effective, timely , convenient care. To achieve that vision, an inspiring environment  in which primary and secondary  medical care is provided, wellness and related educational services are integrated and health-related ancillary and retail centers are featured. The  Health and Wellness pavilion supports easy access to ambulatory care and medically-based fitness  in a destination-like setting. Caregivers and related health professionals operate in a setting ensuring seamless integration of all services offered thereby making patient and guest visits more effective and efficient. In addition a 24-unit Assisted Living Facility was designed to support the desires of active older adults with access to  the wellness pavilion, lap and warm water therapy, hiking and walking trails. Northpointe was not designed as a building, but as a destination where the community and physicians can enjoy the benefits of an integrated partnership focused on  health and wellness.

What has been the response and feedback from patients, families, and staff at NorthPointe?
A 50-year-old overweight member stated that he never thought he would exercise. If he ever did exercise he was sure he would never do it in public! He is doing both at NorthPointe because of the welcoming, warm facility, and the attentive staff toward his healthier life style.
Gregory K. Britton : Community support has been incredible, from the village and other local governments, to the businesses and residents, we have received an impressive reception. The addition of NorthPointe's services are highly welcomed and the residents are eager for comprehensive health services in their own community.

Can you give HCD.11 attendees a preview of a few of the lessons learned after the project?

Scherbel: Environment plus operations plus satisfaction equals brand; medically-based fitness can be the front door to your hospital; design matters in regard to customer loyalty: Net Promoter Score (NPS) 80%; cross pollination of services enhances both healthcare and fitness offerings; and performance metrics based on proforma goals and objectives.

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