Project category: New construction & Remodel/Renovation (completed September 2006)

Chief administrator: Barry C. Finn, President and CEO, (630) 978-4976

Firm: Anderson Mikos Architects, Ltd., (630) 573-5149

Design team: Dave Mikos, Officer-in-Charge; Ralph Wiser, Senior Project Architect; Alan Kato, Principal Designer; Barb Palm, Director of Interiors; Lindsey Burghgraef, Interior Designer (Anderson Mikos Architects, Ltd.); Owner's Representative (AMDC Corporation)

Photography: © Mark Ballogg, Ballogg Photography, Chicago; Ralph Wiser, Anderson Mikos Architects, Ltd. (before views)

Total building area (sq. ft.): 17,355 (new); 10,200 (renovation)

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $485 (new); $146 (renovation)

Total construction cost (excluding land): $8,424,893 (new); $1,490,007 (renovation)

Our objectives were to create an expanded Emergency Department that would function as two separate patient areas, creating a bright, warm environment and a strong ER gateway, visible from the adjacent roads.

The contemporary exterior and interior are a direct result of the hospital CEO's vision. The sophisticated feel of the environment attests to the hospital's strong, dedicated mission of care, as well as its staff's strength.

The space enhances the sophisticated feel of the existing hospital while welcoming visitors to a comforting space. It defines smaller, intimate spaces within the lobby for family privacy and interaction. The curved-glass exterior wall provides abundant daylight.

The custom millwork connecting the building columns defines seating groups in the waiting area. These units incorporate resin panels with embedded prairie grass, screening the view between sections while leaving an open feel. They hold magazines and flat-screen TVs for visitor viewing. The reception counter is clearly highlighted to guide visitors. The finishes, upholstery, and artwork are dramatic yet tranquil. The building's curves are reflected in the terrazzo floor, reception desk, and soffits. Various types and levels of lighting were used to create interest and enhance function. The exterior of the addition creates a tall signature gateway for ER patients. Curved-glass panels allow the ER to be bright in daylight and glow at night, providing easy visibility. The hospital now has the flexibility to manage two distinct areas for better patient outcomes, privacy, and individual care.