(above) ©2004 Anthony May; (inset) Proteus Group

Proteus Group

©2004 Anthony May
This project consisted of a cosmetic upgrade and renovation of an existing pediatric inpatient unit. The area required major asbestos and lead-paint abatement. Patient rooms were reconfigured for ADA compliance and to provide additional single-patient rooms located on the floor. In addition, all CMS/JCAHO corrections were accomplished.

The theme, design details, and material selections for the unit are in keeping with the design vocabulary that was established for an adjacent pediatric ICU project with a coral-reef theme. However, where practical, certain changes were encouraged based on user satisfaction from the previous project. One example is the corridor flooring—originally a combination of carpet and linoleum sheet goods—that has been changed to all linoleum.

For this project it was decided to move from the underwater world of the coral reef to an above-ground adventure where a walk along the beach takes you past sea creatures that one might encounter along a shoreline, such as turtles, sea lions, starfish, crabs, etc. These colorful sea inhabitants have been cut into the linoleum floor material. An aquarium near the new nurses’ station becomes a gathering place for children. New playrooms were also created with a generous gift from the Starlight Children's Foundation.
©2004 Anthony May

Additional upgrades and design elements included a new patient-room entry identity with new wood doors, wood-trimmed panels, decorative sconces, and places for patient charts and room numbers. Within the room, art frames have been specially designed so that patients can display their own artwork. New window treatments consist of MechoShades for sun control and draperies with matching cubicle curtains. Specially designed message boards for each patient have been designed into the space, where patients can display cards and photos, and information regarding patient care can be posted for staff or family members.

New ceilings and lighting were installed in the corridors. A unique feature is the art wall for children's original artwork. The designers worked closely with the Child Life department on the design. New wood handrails/bumpers complete the corridor design and provide additional warmth, serving a dual function in the space.

The central nurses’ station for this unit serves a variety of functions. As this is a teaching hospital, a larger number of staff needs to be accommodated during rounds, and this area serves as an impromptu meeting space during those times. Flexibility is the key, and a systems approach was used that employs Herman Miller for Healthcare components integrated into a custom casework wall, which serves as the main focal point for patients, families, and staff on the unit.

Project category: Remodel/Renovation (completed May 2004)

Chief administrator: Joseph S. DeVoss, Assistant Vice-President of Corporate Real Estate Services, (312) 942-6102

Firm: Proteus Group, (312) 337-7800

Design team: William R. Gran, AIA, Principal; William Dawes, AIA, Project Architect, Project Manager; Ewa Hally, Architect (Proteus Group, Capital Projects Department); Alan W. Mack, Principal, Interior Design; Elizabeth Erazmus, Interior Designer (Proteus Group)

Photography: ©2004 Anthony May; Proteus Group

Total building area (sq. ft.): 14,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $89

Total cost (excluding land): $1,250,000