Project category: New construction (completed April 2005)

Chief administrator: Larry O'Brien, President and CEO, (775) 770-3347

Firm: Leary Childs Mascari Warner Architects/Douglas Childs Architect, (858) 695-0444

Design team: Deborah Brandt, Interior Designer (Brandt Design Group); Tim Kretzschmar, Contractor (Q&D Construction, Inc.); Jeff Welter, MP&E Design Engineer (Randall Lamb Associates); Randy Mendioroz, CSI, Pool Consultant (Aquatic Design Group); Rusty Humes, MP&E Design Build Engineer (Savage and Son, Inc.); Tom Pourchot, Electrical Design Build Engineer (Nelson Electric Co., Inc.)

Photography: © VanceFox, Leary Childs Mascari Warner Architects/Douglas Childs Architect

Total building area (sq. ft.): 45,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: Not Released

Total construction cost (excluding land): Not Released

The design of the Saint Mary's Center for Health & Fitness has captured an emerging healthcare trend: a partnership between medicine and fitness. To promote the continuum of care for Saint Mary's patients and health in the community, the Center provides medically based fitness training, wellness education, and quality-of-life improvement. The 45,000-sq.-ft. facility includes all the amenities of a first-class health club while providing rehabilitation services for patients.

As a part of the Saint Mary's Center for Health, a 215,000-sq.-ft. medical office building, the Center for Health & Fitness furthers the themes already in place: wellness and patient convenience. Along with the mind/body/spirit design concept, the design of the interior spaces is intended to motivate and energize clients. The use of wood, stone, and warm sage tones throughout the Center provides an element of nature that is consistently linked to the notion of healing. Training areas are surrounded with daylight, giving clients a message of warmth and well-being.

The Saint Mary's Center for Health & Fitness is equipped with areas for cardiac rehabilitation, strength training, cardiovascular activity, group fitness classes, pool therapy, child care, and education. Physical Therapy, Women's Services, and an auditorium for community education are also integrated with the project.