3Smoke evacuation sounder

System Sensor's new ExitPoint sounder uses Directional Sound to identify escape routes leading to perimeter exits in the presence of smoke. ExitPoint, fitted in conjunction with normal building evacuation sounders, offers a way to draw people through smoke to exits in perfect visibility.

Directional Sound's broadband technology produces multifrequency low-, mid-, and high-range signals. The distinct directional sound helps occupants find exits and can even guide people up or down stairs.

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Smoke protection

The requirement for smoke compartmentalization is an issue in healthcare facilities, and an unprotected elevator opening is a breach in the building compartmentalization system. The Smoke Guard® System is a smoke gasket that deploys to prohibit rapidly migrating smoke from traveling vertically throughout the building.

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Wind-resistant windows

Wausau Window and Wall Systems® has added the 3250i-HP Insulbar® out-swing and fixed, thermal-barrier aluminum windows to its Hurricane Series. These high-performance windows are designed for use in facilities located in areas where hurricanes, tornadoes, and high winds occur.

Configurations of the Hurricane Series windows can consist of almost any punched opening or horizontal ribbon “stacked” combination of fixed, awning, and casement windows. The windows' aluminum frames may be painted to match both exterior and interior color schemes or may be customized. Screens and applied, between-glass grids also may be added, as well as optional integral venetian blinds.

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Safety training

Hilti's Facility Assurance Containment Team (FACT) Program combines firestop research and product development with a highly trained sales team to help healthcare engineering professionals maintain perpetual code and standard compliance and reduce the amount of rework for facility maintenance staff.

Hilti Fire Protection Specialists lead the initial FACT training, using the B.A.S.I.C. interactive CD-ROM, which includes video-based firestop installer training, a life-safety seminar, and training on Hilti infection control and indoor air quality solutions. FACT also includes the Firestop Installation Permit Program, the Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor Program, and a nationwide network of third-party inspection and verification referrals.

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Waterless fire protection

Fast-acting FM-200® Waterless Fire Protection Systems protect data centers, imaging equipment, and electronics from fire and water damage. Free CD shows how to eliminate downtime and safeguard health information. These products are safe for people, equipment, and the environment.

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Battery-operated locking system

Häfele's Dialock Door Terminal M Series is a battery-operated locking solution suitable for room access controls in medical buildings and offices. Users simply present an authorized electronic key to the reader, and the lever on the lockable side engages, allowing control of the latch bolt. The exterior looks attractive in any environment yet is tough enough to carry a three-hour fire rating.

The Dialock Door Terminal M Series functions well in a single-door, simply controlled environment and as part of a complex access-control system.

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Firestop protection for cables

Specified Technologies, Inc., has introduced SpecSeal® Ready Sleeve, an economical solution for firestop protection and support of electrical, telephone, or data cabling passing through rated or nonrated fire barriers. Because the sleeves are supplied ready to install and require no field fabrication, material and labor savings are significant.

The UL-classified firestop sleeves require no cutting and are sized for up to 10"-thick barriers. Ready Sleeve firestop sleeves are suitable for use in all common wall constructions, including concrete walls, concrete block walls, and gypsum board/stud wall assemblies up to 10" thick.

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Power door device

Norton Door Controls' 5700 Series Low Energy Operator (LEO)™ is a new generation of power door operators. The patented design of LEO is based on simplicity and ease of use. Units can be purchased for push or pull side applications and can be activated by a motion sensor, radio-frequency device, or wall switch. The 5700 Series is suitable for physicians' offices and retirement facilities.

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Specialized telephones4

The Scitec H2001 one-piece, single-use disposable patient room telephone helps reduce cross-contamination risks, saves cleaning and repair costs, and improves patient/family relations. The low-cost H2001 is equipped with a lighted dial pad, lighted on-off talk key, flash key, and visual ring indicator and is desk or bedrail mountable.

Scitec also offers the Aegis-LBE and Aegis-PE single-line emergency telephones, available in Ash or Black with a standard or custom red emergency faceplate. The phones are desk or wall mountable. Also available are Scitec's industry-standard, single-line red 2510E desk or 2554E wall emergency sets.

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Upholstery fabric

Pallas Textiles introduces Vineyard, a Lori Weitzner design. A delicate, winding vine of watercolor dances through this fabric. The refined quality of this upholstery evokes the look of silk, but its poly/viscose blend is made to last. Vineyard comes in six classic colors for timeless spaces. A Dupioni yarn running through the ground gives this fabric texture.

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Antimicrobial contract textiles

With its antimicrobial effect, drapilux bioactive offers healthcare facilities a new generation of Trevira CS flame-retardant fabrics. Using Trevira CS Bioactive reduces the formation and multiplication of bacteria in textiles. The antimicrobial components are permanently integrated into the fiber, and they do not cause skin irritation.

The drapilux air component of these fabrics reduces odors and fumes, such as those caused by ammonia or formaldehyde. This is made possible by a special finish on the flame-retardant Trevira CS materials that works like a catalyzer.

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Healthcare fabrics

Standard Textile manufactures and distributes reusable textiles—and apparel, surgical, and decorative products designed to enhance patient outcomes while reducing costs. The Fantagraph® brand of fabrics and products includes flame-resistant drapery, top treatments, privacy curtains, bedspreads, hard window treatments, and institutional upholstery fabric.

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Colorful, durable vinyl

Morbern offers (u)phoria!—a new breed of high-performance vinyl that combines durability and performance with a variety of design possibilities. Targeting hospitality, healthcare, and commercial markets, the product is stain resistant, easy to clean, and ideal for high-traffic applications.

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Fabric protectant

GORE™ Seating Protection technology combines a durable, breathable moisture barrier with a soil- and stain-resistant antimicrobial treatment. This product prevents moisture and contaminants from penetrating upholstery and reaching foam cushions. GORE Seating Protection is easy to clean and can be applied to virtually any textile, giving designers a broad range of creative choices.

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Crypton and recycled fabrics

Silver State Fabrics introduces its Crypton® Frontiers collection—solid velvets, geometric chenilles, large- and small-scale wovens—in vivid, colorful hues. This collection is engineered for cleanability, stain and bacteria resistance, and moisture-barrier performance, with the durability of 30,000 double rubs or more.

Made from 100% Terratex® recycled and recyclable materials, Silver State's Smart Life collection is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. This collection offers an assortment of funky, retro patterns and subtle solids in colors ranging from deep chocolate browns and reds to cool, icy blues and soft, rich melons. Textures range from wovens to chenilles. Smart Life's 30,000 to 95,000 double rubs give it the durability needed for healthcare applications.

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Upholstery and curtain fabrics

Architex International's REMEDA Collection offers a comprehensive mix of upholstery designs, privacy curtains, and vinyls. The collection enhances healing healthcare environments while providing durability, infection and stain resistance, and comfort. The vinyls, by (u)phoria!, offer sulfide, urine, mildew, and bacteria resistance. The collection includes eight upholstery patterns in nine color families.

The REMEDE Collection's privacy curtains and bedspreads are compatible with the upholstery patterns. Unique borders are created with a garden-like effect. Trevira CS provides a flame-retardant polyester with exceptional color and luster, and Trevira CS Bioactive has inherent antimicrobial features.

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Expanded patterns/textures

Maharam continues to expand its collection of high-performance textiles with more than a dozen new patterns and textures constructed with the Crypton® process.

Featuring a mix of sophisticated solids, lush chenille and bouclé textures, fresh botanicals, and strong geometrics, the new patterns offer the proven durability, breathability, and permanent stain, moisture, and bacteria resistance of Crypton. The Maharam Design Studio created an expansive palette of more than 150 colors, from rich neutrals to luminous brights.

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Soothing textile patterns

Carnegie introduces four additions to its Philosophy Collection of healthcare textiles. Designed to enhance the healing and wellness experience in healthcare environments, Sound Track, Bamboo Path, Water Garden, and Block Party explore the impact of light, space, dimension, texture, and color in nurturing the psychological needs of patients, visitors, and staff. These new patterns, all manufactured with 100% Avora FR polyester, are 72" wide and are suitable for privacy curtains, cubicles, and draperies. Water Garden comes in five colors, and the other three patterns are available in four colors.

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Softened Crypton fabrics

Designtex introduces OM, a balanced new collection that includes the next generation of highly touchable Crypton® softened fabrics. This line includes two textured cubicle patterns, one durable vinyl upholstery, and four extra-soft patterns enhanced by Crypton's stain-resistant, fluid-repellent, antimicrobial properties.

Inspired by the principles of yoga, the seven patterns are meant to help create the stress-free, soothing environment designers are aiming for in healthcare facilities.

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Woven upholstery fabrics

Paul Brayton Designs offers liveable, breathable, cleanable Crypton® woven upholstery fabrics. Shown here is Sorbet from the Garden Party collection. The company's Crypton fabrics are well suited for healthcare, hospitality, and office applications.

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Travel-inspired designs

The Destination Collection from Brentano Fabrics is inspired by designer Iris Wang's many travels. Each fabric is derived from a particular region of the world that has influenced her work.

The Czech capital Prague is notable for its blend of architecture from many eras. This feature fabric by the same name is of the same spirit, in that it is not of a certain era or design style. Prague's meandering, large-scale motifs blend nature with Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau design. The color palette is diverse, running from traditional deep golds and fiery reds to a contemporary black and white. Prague is available in seven colors.

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Stain-resistant fabrics

With outstanding stain resistance, soil resistance, and appearance retention, fabrics made from Antron® with StainResist™ fiber technology offer the styling flexibility of white, dyeable fiber. These fabrics provide performance, style, and sustainability.

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Cubicle curtain fabrics

Cosmos, Luna, and Hula Hoop are three new cubicle curtain fabric designs from Interspec Fabrics. These patterns are part of the Healthcare Concepts 9 collection to be introduced this summer. Interspec's local salespeople will preview the new fabric upon request.

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PVC-free shade fabrics

Draper offers several PVC-free products, including mesh and blackout shades made with Hexcel's PVC-free 1260, 1309, 1277, and Screen Nature fabrics. Draper's PVC-free line also includes Roc-Rol, an opaque window shade fabric by Rockland Industries, and Flocke and Obion Fabrics from 3G Mermet.

In addition to other environmental benefits, PVC-free fabrics tend to be much thinner and lighter than PVC solar-protection mesh fabrics, so Draper shades can be constructed using smaller tubes and hardware systems, leading to less waste, lower operating weights, and smaller “bundle diameters.”

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