Project category: Project in progress (August 2009)

Chief administrator: Timothy Goldfarb, CEO, (352) 265-0088

Firm: Flad & Associates, (608) 238-2661

Design team: Laura Stillman, Principal-In-Charge/Project Director; Jeffrey C. Raasch, Design Principal; Neil McCallum, Project Manager; David Knapp, Project Manager—Gainesville; Jeni Wright, Medical Planner; Michael Noffke, Design Architect

Illustration: ©2006 Anderson Illustration Associates, Inc.

Total building area (sq. ft.): 454,800

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $343

Total construction cost (excluding land): $156,000,000

Shands Healthcare has under-taken a landmark journey to redevelop and expand its flagship hospital, which will be located on its new south campus. This new multispecialty bed tower represents the first phase of a multiphase effort to implement the vision shared by Shands and the University of Florida for an expanded academic medical center campus that will support future healthcare delivery and provide greater access to treatment with a bench-to-bedside focus.

The project's 30-acre site master plan contains four distinct phases: a new multispecialty patient bed tower across the street from the existing campus (Phase I), expansion of the bed tower (Phase II), a 600-bed general services hospital (Phase III), and a 200-bed specialty hospital (Phase IV). Associated clinics, mixed-use, parking structures, and support buildings will complete the site build-out.

The first phase of the master plan, an 8-story multispecialty bed tower will accommodate 192 acute and critical care beds, replace and expand emergency and trauma services, provide diagnostic and interventional services for the patient care units, and provide support services. The architectural design for the hospital project will showcase leading-edge materials and technologies that incorporate sustainable site, building design, and construction principles. The site, exterior, and interior environments will be fully integrated to provide a welcoming and pleasing patient, family, and staff experience.

This project was developed in collaboration with Sasaki Associates, Inc.; Kurt Salmon Associates; Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc.; Affiliated Engineers, Inc.; and Skanska USA Building, Inc.