To determine if sharing or outsourcing facility management is right for your organization, ask yourself these three questions:

1- What is the most effective use of facility management?

If you’ve got multiple sites, purchasing a facility management package arrangement to cover all your sites would give you the best pricing.

If you have just one site to look after, consider purchasing ala carte services including general building maintenance; HVAC; plumbing and electrical services; code compliance; reviews; cost analysis/reviews and reductions; permanent assignment programs.

2- What is my company’s core competency?

Every company has a core competency, an area in which they compete and excel. However, at hospitals, clinics and MOBs, facility management is generally not the organization’s core competency. While healthcare facilities need to function and be productive, the organization may not be managing them as efficiently or effectively as possible, which may result in attention being diverted from patient care.

Strong organizations take the time to understand the need of each facility. To be effective, consider outsourcing facility management needs – you’ll probably gain efficiencies and it will allow you to better focus on your primary work. For the best results, look for a service that brings an understanding of skilled technicians, experienced training, and a flexible approach to hours of service. This can be done through a permanent program or on a part-time basis depending on your need and workload demands.

3- What could I outsource to increase my own productivity?

Identify areas that are outside your organization’s core competency. Maybe it’s HVAC maintenance? High-quality, cost-effective facility maintenance solutions are available but be sure to pick a company that has a good track record of service within your industry.

Overall, the goal is to get reliable, on-site support when and where it is needed. This is a good way to keep overhead costs low and provide quick turnaround on any and all services required.