For compact/small Toilet and Showers within the Nursing Suite, the common patient's compliant was slippery wet floors.

The client is proposing to put a 2" / 50mm shower upstand or zocalo just below the shower curtain line to minimize the spread of water within the room.

Subsequently by adding the barrier that would control the migration of water within the tight / small room, this would minimize the number of staff and man hours of a house keeper moping the room at least twice a day.

When I mentioned to the client that this 2" / 50mm high barrier, would be a hindrance to patients on wheelchairs and crutches.
They said the risk of patient falls are far greater thatn the hindrance to patients regardless of the guidelines of "barrier free" toilet and shower.

Does anyone suggestions?

Many thanks and kind regards

Marty de Castro
Manila, Philippines