Project Category - Project in Progress (October 2001)

Facility Contact - Glenn Cunningham, Director of Planning, (503) 873-1688

Firm - Clark/Kjos Architects, (503) 224-4848

Design Team - J. Thomas Clark, Jr., AIA, Principal-in-Charge; David Domogalla/Matt Ottinger, Project Managers (Clark/Kjos Architects); Gary Lewis, Principal, Structural Engineer (Lewis & Van Vleet, Inc., Engineers); Georgia Erdenberger, Interior Design (Czopek & Erdenberger, Inc.); Stacy Linn, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer (Bouillon)

Patient/Bed Capacity - 18 beds now; 24 more in the future

Total Building Area (sq. ft.) - 31,000

Total Land Area (acres) - 5

Total Cost (excluding land) - $8,100,000 (construction)/$10,000,000 (project)

This fast-growing small community hospital, for which we had designed the original structure, needed a highly flexible, expandable, inexpensive new building to increase capacity. A major goal was to make the fast growing Birth Center prominent; therefore, it occupies the first floor with its own entry. Business services are on the second floor, which is designed for future inpatient services.

Designed for anticipated growth, the new building allows for two future stories, minor ground-floor extensions and major horizontal additions next to the double “spine” circulation system. The Birth Center is sheathed in EIFS, metal panels and glass-curtain wall, to match existing facilities. Neighborhood residential scale is also respected by breaking vertical massing with a stepped form and horizontal sunscreen.

The lobby provides a distinctive arrival, with circular lighting soffits and a view of the nursery. For the goal of close nurse-patient contact, staff stations are decentralized with two satellites and a control station adjacent to nursery and C-section rooms. To allow for large family visits by the Hispanic population, LDRP suites are generously sized. Due to budget constraints, suites are designed as comfortable, but not ostentatious, hospitality settings.