As we all prepare to take to the roads and/or skies to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our loved ones, I thought I’d share a bit of news to reflect on as you sink into couches and easy chairs to doze after the turkey dinners to come.

Earlier this week, Gallup released the results of a poll on
how Americans perceive the quality of their own healthcare, showing the most positive outcomes it’s seen in 10 years. More than 40% of respondents rated their healthcare as excellent, which was just above the previous high of 38% and the average of 34% reported over the past decade, Gallup reported. All in all, 82% of Americans rated their healthcare as either excellent or good.

While the topic of healthcare reform continues to be debated, and legislation likely will see further upheaval, Gallup notes the importance of recognizing that despite respondents being insured or uninsured, Americans are pretty happy with what they’ve got right now.

So despite how this reform may eventually shake out, let’s all remember what we’re doing right, and be thankful for the healthcare system we have and contribute to each day.

Safe travels … and Happy Thanksgiving!