Project category: Addition (completed March 2005)

Chief administrator: Michael Hertel, Executive Director, (317) 865-5000

Firm: BSA LifeStructures, (317) 819-7878

Design team: Kevin Downey, Principal-in-Charge; Joseph Rebber, Project Manager; Robert Boellner, Engineering Principal; Kalevi Huotilainen, Design Principal; Steven Bauer, Structural Engineer (BSA LifeStructures); Dene Dresch Nidiffer, Interior Designer (Lohr Design)

Photography: Dan Francis, Mardan Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 223,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $231

Total construction cost (excluding land): $51,505,000

St. Francis is ready to accommodate cardiovascular patients with its new 107-bed facility that moves inpatient and outpatient cardiac, thoracic, and vascular services to its South Indianapolis campus.

The center features the latest technology, including an online library, wireless phones linked to a nurse call system, wireless monitoring of vital signs, and a cardiac tech room with 14 telemetry monitors. The open heart, thoracic, and vascular surgery suite includes video hookups to the catheterization labs, which have digital coronary imaging.

Key space adjacencies benefit staff and help patients and family navigate the facility. On the inpatient floors, care stations are located between every two rooms. The acuity-adaptable rooms have homelike amenities for patients and families and help minimize patient transitions and improve outcomes. The design of the first floor—primarily dedicated to outpatient care—reduces travel time. Patients visiting the cath labs walk half as far as in the previous facility. The lobby provides easy access to the chapel and gift shop.

The center commands attention from the interstate, with bold massing and glass curtainwall that communicate technology while acknowledging the campus. Nature-themed interior design honors St. Francis of Assisi.