The St. John West Shore Hospital is located within a growing suburb. The existing 5,400-square-foot Emergency Department was replaced by a new, 13,600-square-foot Emergency Department with 4 trauma beds, 4 cardiac beds, 2 x-ray rooms, 13 treatment rooms, a 6-station fast-track–related support space, and space for a future CT scanner.

The Emergency Department is phase I of a master plan to expand the hospital. The location of the new Emergency Department was key in the master plan, which had to accommodate traffic flow of ambulances, ambulatory visits, and space for the arrival and departure of helicopters. The plan also included space for future additions.

The design includes separate ambulance and ambulatory entrances for effective segregation of patient acuities and treatment. Every aspect of the design is related to the creation of a state-of-the-art, high-tech treatment center in an environment that calms anxious patients and families by the introduction of natural light and a calming color scheme. The circulation pattern separates the public from staff support traffic, and patients also can move to ancillary departments and patient units without crossing paths with the public.

The acute care module has a central nurses' station with computers, a pneumatic tube station, and support space. The nurses' station has views into all of the treatment rooms, which are large enough for family members. The trauma rooms have doors leading directly into x-ray, and the fast-track area is adjacent to the acute care module.

Project category: Addition (completed March 2004)

Chief administrator: Keith Poisson, President, (440) 827-5001

Firm: HFP/Ambuske Architects, (216) 561-3311

Design team: Alan Ambuske, Principal; John Walkosak, Project Architect; Tony Manocchio, Thomas Owings, and Chad Costello, Project Team

Photography: ©2004 Pease Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 46,580

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $215

Total construction cost (excluding land): $10,000,000