Project category: Project in progress (May 2007)

Chief administrator: Nancy Harris, Cancer Center Director, (714) 771-8259

Firm: Chong Partners Architecture, (415) 433-0120

Design team: Adam Woltag, Project Designer; Joseph Marshall, Project Architect; Tatiana Guimaraes, Medical Planner; Michael Wilson, Project Manager

Total building area (sq. ft.): 217,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $286

Total construction cost (excluding land): $62,000,000

In designing this center for cancer treatment, we sought to create a healing environment that would give precedence to the patient experience while supporting advanced technology and innovative treatment.

As a “one-stop shop,” the center includes radiation oncology, imaging, infusion, and a multidisciplinary center, as well as a café, appearance center, pharmacy, meditation room, and resource center. The facility can also accommodate physician and ambulatory surgery suites. Our objective was to create a fluid, flexible environment adaptable to future needs.

We also wanted to design a calm, protected environment for patients and families experiencing the stress of serious illness. To achieve that goal, the design team created a connection to nature throughout, incorporating elements such as garden courtyards that infuse the interior with natural light and corridors that end in glazing to provide views and daylight. The infusion center is comprised of groups of infusion bays folded around fingers of gardens. Defined by movable screens, the bays allow patients to control the degree of privacy or interaction during treatment.

The cancer center and adjoining medical office tower share materials and design elements to create a seamless architectural experience that reinforces the concept of a cohesive treatment center. Stone walls on the first floor of the center support a dramatic glass curtain wall, echoed by a stone base wrapping the first floor of the office tower. The body of the tower has punched windows with two major areas of curtain wall and is capped with a glass-ribbon window.