Last week's HEALTHCARE DESIGN poll question asked:

How significantly do you have to take a hospital’s brand image into account when designing a new/renovated facility?

84.21% - It’s often of primary importance to the owner and something we always take into account

5.26% - It’s a secondary consideration most of the time and is taken into account after the design is completed

10.53% - We rarely if ever have to take a hospital’s brand image into consideration


- It's certainly possible to include the brand image even in creating supportive spaces. I'd also say it's secondary but not left until after, but rather considered along with everything else. It just would not dominate the design.

- I keep the facilities Mission and Vision on my office wall for the duration of each project.

- Branding is NOT about "image" or logo graphics - it is about providing a consistent, reliable, and desirable customer (patient) experience! Focusing on superficial "image" issues and calling it a branding program is a widespread and regrettable misconception.

- It is important if you are in a private health care model for improved profitability and if you have a well known brand