Although there has always been the professional level of communication needed to plan, design, and build a healthcare facility, the rapid development of technology, shrinking budgets, and abbreviated timelines have brought the message home that everyone is going to have to play on the same team.

Bringing together the group that gets the job done isn't based on who has the nicest personality or who won the cheapest bid. It is a careful balance of picking the most proficient in each area with a qualified plan in place and then blending those sectors together. Gone are the days when the designer, builder, or subcontractor retreated to their separate corners. The way forward now is to share plans, communicate changes, convey the vision, and link the building progression all the way to the end.

Lee Poechmann, who blogs on healthcare design, project, and strategy topics for Healthcare Building Ideas and HEALTHCARE DESIGN and for his blog, “Owner’s Toolbox,” at, elaborates on the importance of team selection for the build process.

You can read his blog here.