Project category: Project in progress (May 2007)

Chief administrator: Henry Brilliant, General Partner, (972) 867-6649

Firm: Jonathan Bailey Associates, (469) 227-3900

Design team: Tin Le, Project Manager; Mark A. Stewart, AIA, Project Executive; Sean Kirton, Designer (Jonathan Bailey Associates); Richard Zinser, PE, Structural Engineer (Zinser Grossman Structural); Bryan M. Burger, PE, Civil Engineer (Lawrence A. Cates & Associates); Mark Stringer, LEED AP, Engineering Project Manager (Meinhardt Consulting Engineers); James Archer, General Contractor (Spring Valley Construction Co.)

Total building area (sq. ft.): 63,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $286

Total construction cost (excluding land): $18,000,000

The Texas Clinic at Prestonwood is a state-of-the-art ambulatory care center (ACC) scheduled for completion in 2007. Designed to offer premium diagnostic and treatment centers within a single building, this 63,000-sq.-ft. prototype outpatient facility will showcase the new trend of hospital/medical services being offered in a warm, inviting, noninvasive environment. It is designed as a more contemporary medical facility. As one walks into the hallways, which feature bright colors, the feel will be patient-friendly and welcoming. Wayfinding graphics will be showcased in high-tech hues, and a visual therapy concept using diffused lights to create a calming atmosphere will be implemented.

The new ACC concept of consolidating premium services with medical treatment centers and diagnostic offices generates a level of confidence within the medical referral community while providing a setting that is inviting and not intimidating for those who must walk through the doors. The concept and design were specifically crafted and considered in an effort to alleviate patients' apprehensions and to provide a sense of well-being, privacy, and comfort.

Covering a 4.17-acre site at the corner of Plano Parkway and Marsh Lane in Plano, Texas, this structure has a strictly contemporary footprint, with modern lines that balance the demands of form and function while relating to the existing site constraints. Housed within the two-level facility will be a large cardiology clinic with two nuclear cameras; a physical therapy suite; a six-room sleep diagnostics facility; a radiology suite with a 3-Tesla MRI and 64-slice CT scanner; two digital mammography units; rooms for bone densitometry; and two ultrasound rooms. Also included will be a radiation oncology suite with two vaults: one housing the newest Varian Trilogy with On-Board Imaging and the second also housing radiation equipment. Additional offices will include a medical oncology suite, an ophthalmology office, a dermatology office, a urology suite, a pain management clinic, a plastic surgery and aesthetics office, a bariatric clinic, and a 12,163-sq.-ft. ambulatory surgical center with eight operating rooms, each individually on a BOOM system.

Each suite will have its own reception/waiting room and administrative offices, and clinical practices will be able to share a conference facility on the second floor. This building, nestled in a large medical community, will facilitate a convenient and impressive concept within a streamlined, contemporary architectural design.