Fabric selections

New offerings from Architex® include 15 additional Crypton patterns, including Dazzle, Ginkgo, Beanstalk, and Medley. Also being introduced is the Liz Jordan-Hill Series 5 collection called Latin Rhythms, in more than 22 patterns and textures and featuring GORE™ Seating Protection, which combines a moisture barrier with stain resistance.

Unreal Plush is another new fabric from Architex, a 100% Trevira CS mohair-like plush in 20 colors. This fabric is available in custom colors and drapery weight for a 150-yard minimum.

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Stain-resistant treatment

The inventor of GORE-TEX™ products introduces GORE™ Seating Protection, a technology that combines a durable, breathable moisture barrier with a soil- and stain-resistant treatment. This product prevents moisture and contaminants from penetrating upholstery and reaching the foam cushion. GORE Seating Protection is easy to clean, leaves fabrics soft, and can be applied to virtually any textile, giving designers a broad range of creative choices. Shown here is the Donovan chair by Brayton International, featuring Architex's Record Hop fabric with GORE Seating Protection.

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Window/partition textiles

Further exploring the psychological effects of color, Carnegie, a manufacturer of contract textiles and wallcoverings, is expanding its Philosophy collection of textiles for healthcare with Imprints, Enchanted, and Rain Forest. Philosophy uses the powerful effects of color to enhance healing environments and healthcare interiors. Imprints, Enchanted, and Rain Forest, made of 100% Trevira CS, are durable, flame-retardant, hygienic, and dual-sided and reversible for curtain applications.

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Flame-retardant/antimicrobial fiber

Under the name Trevira CS Bioactive, the antimicrobial Trevira fiber is now also available in a flame-retardant version for textiles such as curtains, pillowcases, partitions or curtain screens, and mattress covers for use in healthcare facilities. The antibacterial and flame-retardant properties are integral components of the fibers and are therefore permanent. The antimicrobial fiber provides a higher degree of hygiene, cleanliness, and safety for users of flame-retardant textiles.

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Woven Crypton patterns

Paul Brayton Designs introduces Garden Party, a new collection consisting of six woven Crypton patterns with 42 total SKUs. Garden Party ranges from the fun and bright to the soft and subtle, all with the performance and protection of Crypton®.

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Decorative vinyl

Morbern introduces (u)phoria! It can be used in a variety of contract seating applications, including hospitals and healthcare facilities, restaurants, and offices. The first product of its kind, (u)phoria! represents a breakthrough in vinyl aesthetics, combining the durability and performance of vinyl with an array of design options. This product resists stains, mildew, and bacteria and features an enhanced bleach resistance and an antistatic slip finish. In addition, (u)phoria! is manufactured to meet numerous flammability requirements.

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Easy-maintenance fabric

INTERSPEC Fabrics specializes in cubicle curtain fabrics for the healthcare market. The pattern Astronomy Color Multi, pictured here, is one of the new designs in the company's latest collection. Woven of Trevira CS polyester for permanent flame resistance and ease of maintenance, Astronomy is suitable for cubicle curtains, draperies, and bedspreads.

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