The idea for TRIA Orthopaedic Center (TRIA) arose from several orthopedic surgeons' realizing the need to bring all elements of care together to empower patients, improve treatment and outcomes, and reestablish the connection between patients and physicians. At the same time, they wanted to contribute to the science of orthopedic medicine and create a center for orthopedic research and education.

The new state-of-the-science orthopedic center includes a surgery center, general and subspecialty clinics, rehabilitation services, and an education/research space. TRIA caters to some of world's most esteemed professional athletes and sports teams, yet anyone can take advantage of its unique combination of preeminent healthcare specialists, high-tech care, research, retail spaces, and dining.

Designed in a nonhealthcare frame of mind, the interior space reinforces the mission of TRIA as a world-class orthopedic center. The design team challenged the client with innovative ideas throughout the process. An escalator connects the main waiting areas and provides improved access for patients. The new two-story “wall of fire” is a first in a healthcare facility and is balanced with a reflecting pool at the base. The interior spaces serve as a timeless backdrop for the impressive sports memorabilia collections that are displayed in the clinic.

TRIA wanted to incorporate Zen symbols of life—water, earth, fire—with the movement of people throughout the space to invite patients, family members, staff, and visitors alike. These symbols are reinforced with use of natural woods and natural stone finishes.

Project category: New construction (completed March 2005)

Chief administrator: Mary Johnson, President and COO, (952) 806-5303

Firm: Perkins+Will, (612) 851-5070

Design team: Interior Design (Perkins+Will); Equipment Planning (Strategic Hospital Resources); Electical Engineering (Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc.); Mechanical Engineering (Michaud Cooley Erickson)

Photography: ©2005 Dana Wheelock

Total building area (sq. ft.): 103,139

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $301

Total construction cost (excluding land): $31,000,000