Project Category - New Construction (completed August 1999)

Facility Contact - Ron Jones, Operations Officer, (801) 371-7880

Firm - HKS, Inc., (214) 969-5599

Design Team - John Rich, Vice-President of Construction (Intermountain Health Care); Ron Dennis, Senior Vice-President (HKS, Inc.); Scott Theobold, President (Design West); Doug Johnson, Project Manager (Project Control, Inc.); Robert Moore, President (Big-D Construction Corp.)

Patient/Bed Capacity - 163 beds (18 LDR, 36 mother/baby, 33 peds/acute/icu, 49 NICU, 27 adult ICU)

Total Building Area (sq. ft.) - 225,000

Total Land Area (acres) - 5 (for addition)

Total Cost (excluding land) - $42,000,000

In the labor and delivery unit, 18 large rooms with decentralized caregiver stations ensure mom and family members a supportive birthing experience. Each room has amenities, including jetted tubs for delivering moms. Direct adjacency to NICU pods and elevator connection to mother/baby units and pediatric inpatient services provide a fully integrated center of excellence.

Mother and baby can enjoy their postpartum time in one of 36 private rooms, each with a private bathroom. These rooms are designed to provide a comfortable setting where mother, baby and family can spend time together, including overnight stays. The medical center's larger nursery provides the opportunity for babies to be examined by staff while allowing the new mother the flexibility of having the baby stay when she is resting. Two NICU areas accommodate 49 babies. Large windows allow views and lighting flexibility. Mom and baby are also provided accommodations to sleep next to each other, enjoying a healing touch.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center's pediatric acute care unit capacity has increased from 26 to 33. A bright mural, neon lights and a décor of suns, moons and stars throughout the unit provide a creative environment for children. In addition to women's and children's services, the second floor allows for needed adult critical care expansion space.