Project category: Project in progress (January 2007)

Chief administrator: Raymond Flock, Construction Program Manager, (49) 622-117-2716

Firm: RLF, (407) 647-1039

Design team: Ron Lowry, Principal-in-Charge; Steve Langston, Design Director; Renwick Daelo, Project Designer; Timothy Williams, Project Architect; Charles Hutchison, Project Manager; Robert Yohe, Medical Planner; Debbie Sellers, Interior Designer

Total building area (sq. ft.): 141,760

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $367

Total construction cost (excluding land): $52,000,000

The proposed Enhanced Health Service Center project at Caserma Ederle, a U.S. Army post in Vicenza, Italy, provides a new Community Health Center for the U.S. Military. The project will meet the requirements of ATFP, UFAS, ADAAG, and LEED certification, while also complying with Italian laws and U.S. codes.

Vicenza is located in northern Italy about one hour northwest of Venice. It is renowned for its food, produce, and Palladian architecture. Palladio, who was one of the most influential architects in European history, designed churches, villas, and commercial buildings in this region.

The facility's architectural design conforms to a Palladian vernacular established by the post's Architectural Design Guide. The exterior walls are cast-in-place concrete with a stucco finish and punched openings for windows and doors, which will feature Palladian elements in form and detail.

The Health Center is a two-story building with a mechanical penthouse designed around a central courtyard. The courtyard is a resultant space created from the separation of occupancy types and creates an opportunity to incorporate a natural landscaped space within the internal functions of the hospital. The courtyard will be used as a backdrop for internal functions, allowing for natural day lighting, and will provide an opportunity for patients and general occupants to experience a private garden that offers a calm and natural environment.