Eco-friendly healthcare fabrics

Momentum Textiles launches the Evolve Healthcare Collection using reduced environmental impact materials and processes. MBDC Gold Certified patterns, Decimal and Aperture, are constructed of 100% eco-intelligent polyester and contribute to LEED point accrual in various categories. The Bandwidth and Amenity patterns combine visual appeal with high-performance characteristics. The nylon fibers offer elasticity, resiliency, abrasion resistance, and colorfast properties to combat fading from sunlight exposure. With an added moisture barrier, these fabrics can be cleaned with a bleach solution, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for infection control. Both patterns are constructed with recyclable yarn and provide a cost effective design solution.

Organic-style print collection

Duralee Contract's Organic Style print collection offers a selection of modern botanicals, stripes, and coordinates in fashion-forward color palettes designed to invigorate any setting with a sophisticated, yet whimsical style.

Spill- and stain-resistant textile

The Simpatico Collection from Mayer Fabrics is comprised of nine textiles compatible in both color and simplicity. These fabrics feature environmentally-friendly Nano-Tex for permanent spill and stain resistance bonded into the fiber structure. They are also available with Nano-Tex plus Durablock, a new performance technology that laminates a durable liquid barrier to a textile treated with Nano-Tex.

Architectural panel overlays

Móz Designs has introduced Blendz, a series of color-rich overlays for architectural panels. With hand-etched patterns and a jewel-box palette of colors, Móz Blendz offers a specification tool for today's healthcare center. Blendz' properties make it appropriate for all healthcare facilities, including sterile environments, reception centers, patients' rooms, dining centers, or other public areas. Blendz' DuraFilm surface coating, available in satin or gloss, acts as a barrier in high traffic areas and prevents scuffing or graffiti. The surface can also be wiped down with ammonia-based or other institutional cleaners. Móz aluminum panels decorated with Blendz can be utilized in interior and exterior installations. Móz panels are constructed from solid-core 0.040-inch aluminum, and measure 4-foot by 8-foot, with custom sizes and thicknesses also available. Panels featuring Blendz are composed of 80% postindustrial recycled aluminum and contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4- Recycled Content.

Healthcare privacy and cubicle curtains

Robert Allen Contract debuts its first healthcare collection with 68 fabrics for privacy or cubicle curtains. With a palette of healing colors and modern graphic patterns, these 100% polyester fabrics are reversible, can be laundered at up to 160 degrees, are inherently flame retardant, and comply with ACT standards.

Art theme fabric patterns

The Summer of Love collection from Architex features patterns inspired by the 1960s, including brightly colored florals, geometrics, and cosmic art themed patterns. The collection is stocked in Nano-Tex with Durablock giving it enhanced stain performance, a liquid barrier, and high durability.

Decorative surfacing products

OMNOVA Solutions' decorative surfacing products feature durable finishes and protective coatings making maintenance, cleaning, and disinfecting simple for healthcare environments. Eco-friendly commercial wallcoverings, including RECORE Advanced Wall Technology and Boltaflex contract upholstery products, can transform the interior environments into an award-winning healthcare setting.

Solution-dyed nylon fabric

Rolling Stones is a solution-dyed nylon from CF Stinson. This bleach cleanable, durable new pattern contains colors protected by GreenShield soil and stain protection. As healthcare environments “bring in” natural light with larger windows, fabrics can fade. This pattern features enhanced colorfastness to light that is 5x the industry standard.

Durable upholstery vinyl

Boreal upholstery vinyl from Morbern is a recent NMMA Innovation Award recipient for its environmental attributes and Morbern's display of social responsibility. Boreal is free of heavy metals, uses agri-based plasticizers and has a unique water-based topcoat system. Morbern also chose to use Repreve recycled polyester yarn to further enhance its environmentally friendly construction. Boreal upholstery vinyl is also a durable and aesthetically pleasing selection serving the healthcare, education, corporate, and hospitality markets.

Dry-erase paint

MDC Wallcoverings is launching tabrasa by IdeaPaint, a high-performance, dry-erase paint that transforms any space into a platform for teamwork and brainstorming. Suitable for healthcare and hospital use, tabrasa provides the platform to encourage collaboration and communicate changing information, letting professionals, students, and visitors think beyond the whiteboard. Tabrasa can be used by doctors in seminar rooms to assist prep work, by patients as fun walls, as an organizational tool for nurses' stations and administrative offices, and as welcome signage in reception areas and lobbies.

Moisture-resistant material

Setting the performance standard for more than 15 years, Crypton by CF Stinson provides a fabric with an integrated moisture barrier that ensures stain-, liquid-, and microbial-resistant upholstery. Crypton fabrics are bleach cleanable, disinfectable, and easy to clean.

Healthcare Design 2009 December;9(12):46-48