Advanced diagnostic imaging equipment presents a huge set of design challenges for healthcare facilities. Issues involve the planning for the technology itself, the rapid obsolescence and replacement of that technology, and safety concerns for both patients and staff. MRI technology requires a lot of thought and planning on the designer side, according to Bill Rostenberg of Anshen + Allen, San Francisco. Mr. Rostenberg and Dr. Steven Horii delivered a Webcast–Designing for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging–on Thursday, July 26 for The Center for Health Design. The audience was walked through new technologies and given lots of practical tips on what works and what doesn't when it comes to imaging technology. Dr. Horii stressed that diagnostic imaging is moving outside the radiology department and smart healthcare design is going to have to look at the impact of more mobile and widespread technologies. A telling image from Dr. Horii's part of the presentation showed an operating room packed with imaging equipment, a radiologist, a surgeon, and a radiology tech. Extra space and the necessary technology ports are critical to make all of the latest tools work at their best, Horii noted. The program was an update on a presentation the pair gave at HEALTHCARE DESIGN.06.

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