Project Category - New Construction (completed August 1999)

Facility Contact - Jeff Larson, (248) 813-0150

Firm - Hobbs + Black Associates, Inc., (734) 663-4189

Design Team - John Barker, Senior Vice-President; Kevin Kerschbaum, Vice-President; Jeanne Snyder, Director of Interiors; Scott Hester, Vice-President (Hobbs + Black Associates, Inc.); David Imesch, Vice-President (Barton Malow, Inc.)

Patient/Bed Capacity - 6 trauma, 23 acute, 2 ER radiology, 1 ambulance triage

Total Building Area (sq. ft.) - 30,000

Total Land Area (acres) - part of 80-acre campus

Total Cost (excluding land) - $10,000,000

William Beaumont Hospital has a consistent history of utilization growth and service expansion-a growth that placed a tremendous demand on the existing hospital's Emergency Center and caused a high rate of ambulance diversions. In addition, patient throughput times had grown excessive. A new Emergency Center was developed at the north end of the Beaumont Hospital-Troy campus.

As patient flow in the department is critical to improve service time, the new department provides continuous flow beginning with triage, which includes two ambulatory triage stations, an ambulance triage station and a distinct triage waiting area. Patients are then taken to the clinical centers of Prompt Care, Acute Care or Trauma. The Trauma Center has a direct link to the Ambulance Entrance.

The Acute Treatment Theatre, as it has been named, has 23 patient treatment areas surrounding a central nursing/management core. The open and glassed core provides simultaneous visibility to all treatment areas and the six-bed trauma unit. The core also houses an internal waiting room for patients and restricted visitors to use during examinations and predischarge.

The use of simple materials and subtle shades in clinical areas accommodates maintenance of the always-in-demand clinical space, while the public areas are constructed of woods and stone with a series of arches. The Main Waiting Area and Lobby open onto a Serenity Garden through a glass wall.

This department is constructed as the upper level of a two-story expansion that includes a new cafeteria and a restaurant-style dining room on the lower level. Additional services and areas in the department include distinct Pediatric Waiting, an Emergency Center Canteen, private registration areas and a Patient Services desk combined with the Security Office. On the clinical side, the department includes a full Decontamination Suite, casting facilities, ambulance staff officing and an expanded registration service that includes hospital bed management. A new helipad is located just outside the ambulance area.