High-impact signs

The Impression Series from Cooper Signage & Graphics, Inc., offers personalization to fit any interior at a fraction of the cost of custom-designed and -fabricated signage. These signs are available as wall plaques or single- or double-faced overhead signs, or they can be mounted perpendicular to a wall.

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Wall panels

From dramatic textured steel panels to lush wood and durable Acrovyn® wall panels, the C/S Group offers a panel system for a variety of interior environments. Dozens of textures, colors, and finishes and a variety of mounting/installation options are offered.

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Calming artwork

Danay Design brings the patient, visitor, and healthcare worker into full contact with a lush, vibrant environment with its line of Interactif Art. The artwork includes dimensional, touchable animals and characters that are installed on top of hand-painted wallpaper.

When patients and healthcare workers feel good about where they are, they become more relaxed. Interactif Art allows treatment and healing to take place in a calm, peaceful setting.

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Versatile information board

Peter Pepper Products, Inc., introduces a multifunctional patient room information board. Enclosed within one frame is a 10″-diameter, battery-operated clock with an optically clear acrylic cover, sweep second hand, and a choice of 23 different face graphics. Also within the hardwood frame is a porcelain-on-steel, dry-erase writing surface that will accept magnetic accessories and is guaranteed for the life of the installation.

Custom silk-screened graphics are also available on the writing surface for grids, columns, and copy. A fabric-covered tack board is also incorporated into the panel for posting cards, notices, memorabilia, and keepsakes. Optional tack surfaces are available, such as ColorCork, made from granulated cork material that is resealable, antibacterial, has low sound and light reflectivity, and is washable.

Also available are 38 standard fabrics, or customers can use their own material. The frames are available in many hardwood finishes, anodized aluminum, or 27 standard colors. Custom sizes and configurations are available for your specific requirements.

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Semitransparent window shades

MechoShade Systems help patients take advantage of therapeutic natural light and views with its Thermoveil® 3000 series semitransparent shade cloth. MechoShade's low-voltage bed interface unit empowers patients to control their environment with the touch of a button.

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Environmentally friendly wallcoverings

CROSSPOINT Fabrics introduces Akou-Sticks and Desperado, eco-friendly, “green” wallcoverings with antimicrobial back-coating. They are acoustically absorbent, durable, and decorative, with impact and abrasion resistance suitable for high-traffic areas.

Their pill/fuzz resistance makes these wallcoverings Velcro-enhanced, while their “self-healing” nature makes them ideal for tackable walls. All styles are 100% recyclable. A wide range of decorative stock and custom colors is available.

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Ceiling murals

CeilingMural Transparencies (CMTs), from the Art Research Institute, are designed to replace diffuser lenses within 2′ x 4′ or 2′ x 2′ standard fluorescent fixtures (troffers), which also serve as the illumination system for backlighting the transparencies. CMTs are compatible with any T-Bar grid or drop ceiling but can also be customized in almost any size.

When installed in ceilings above stressful treatment or imaging areas, CMTs become focal points for patients. These focal points, viewable before and during treatment, have been shown to reduce the incidence of patients' nervous fidgeting or other movement, thereby reducing the need for repeat treatments and disruptions in scheduling.

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Artwork for healthcare settings

Replicated from her original art, Vera Kamin's emotive and interpretive images are cost-effective, powerful environmental and architectural enhancements. They help transform high-stress hospital and healthcare settings into more healing, calming environments by creating a positive, healing point of focus.

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Children's artwork

Art:asap KIDS is a fresh concept in art, created exclusively for children. This line offers a colorful range of prints and serigraphs, from abstract compositions to whimsical, enchanting designs depicting everything from animals, flowers, and fairies to planes, cars, and boats.

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Wallcovering collection

Architex International introduces 24/7 Performance Wallcovering, a collection of 78 colors that includes a full array of neutrals and fresh, clean colors in four textural patterns. 54″ wide, 100% polypropylene with a light acrylic backing and Teflon finish.

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Ceilings with outdoor feel

Traces, a new line of nature-inspired ceilings from Armstrong, helps enhance the appearance of healthcare spaces by bringing the feel of the outdoors indoors. Traces features two patterns, Ferns and Coral. A unique manufacturing process makes the patterns' natural images more distinct and sculpted than ordinary ceiling panel designs.

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Wallcovering with Asian flavor

Versa Wallcovering offers Kinsei, a type II, 20-oz embossed design. Kinsei is Japanese for balance and symmetry. Reminiscent of an Asian woodcut, the regimented background design is counterbalanced by the flow of an organic element etched into the blocks. A soft wash-coat highlights the harmony of the design combination. Kinsei is offered in 21 colors.

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Decorative ceiling tiles

The Sky Factory seeks to bring the beauty of nature inside. The company provides practical, affordable ceiling and wall installations to accomplish this.

SkyTiles are ceiling tiles printed with photographic images of the sky, including cloud formations and foregrounds, such as blooming or leafy tree branches. They fit standard 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′ drop-ceiling grids, use Class A media, and can be combined to form installations of any size. They are illuminated by ambient light or by soffitt or up-lighting fixtures.

Luminous SkyTiles are printed translucent acrylic panels that replace the standard diffuser lens in ceiling light fixtures or can be combined with the company's energy-efficient light boxes to create backlit, single-image skies of any size or shape. They are compatible with virtually all drop-ceiling grid systems and are always backlit.

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Ceiling panels

Hunter Douglas has introduced Techstyle® Acoustical Ceilings. The ceilings' revolutionary suspended ceiling panels feature complete downward access to the plenum with a sleek, monolithic appearance. The large panels (up to 4′ x 4′) are easy to install.

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Protective wallcovering

Traffic Patterns® Wallcovering from Koroseal Wall Protection Systems is manufactured from Koroseal®, Vicrtex®, or Koroseal Studios 21-oz, fabric-backed wallcovering laminated on an impact-resistant extruded base and capped with DuPont's Teflon® film. Traffic Patterns combines the durability of interior wall protection with the aesthetic appeal of wallcovering, in more than 500 choices.

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Shaded windows, doors

Pella® Designer Series® windows and patio doors feature shades or blinds protected between panes of glass. Cordless and remote cordless options offer style and ease of operation without unsightly, unsafe cords. The cordless option features a low-profile knob that tilts, raises, and lowers the shades or blinds. The optional remote control provides added convenience.

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Patient room lighting

Fail-Safe's contemporary MP Bedlight series of versatile, wall-mounted luminaries for patient rooms provide comfortable, glare-free ambient illumination for patients and higher-intensity examination lighting, for night lighting and chart reading for staff. Also suitable for examination areas, restrooms, hallways, offices, and over vanities.

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Insulated windows

The Interior Insulated Window system from Maine Glass works with a facility's existing windows to create a thermal barrier that reduces noise infiltration, eliminates 75 to 90% of air infiltration, and lowers energy costs. Interior insulating windows can be installed with no downtime.

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Clear window coating

V-Kool® uses a patented, high-tech process to embed tiny particles of exotic metals in optically clear and durable polyester film. When applied, V-Kool screens out 90% of the infrared rays responsible for heat build-up while letting in more than 70% of visible light. That is almost as much heat reduction as is achieved with heavy silver window films and significantly more than that seen with conventional window tints. And unlike those products, V-Kool is virtually clear, so appearance, light, and clarity are not sacrificed. By comparison, heavy silver window films allow just 15 to 20% of the light to enter. V-Kool also blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin and eyes and cause materials to fade.

V-Kool can be used in new construction or can be retrofitted over existing glass.

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Closet doors, room dividers

Woodfold-Marco Mfg., Inc., has provided custom-made closet doors and room dividers to the healthcare industry since 1957. Today more than ever, space utilization is critical in healthcare facilities. Woodfold accordion doors provide convenient, easy access to patient room closets, are a natural alternative for lavatory doors, and effectively divide common areas.

Woodfold doors are available through an extensive network of building product suppliers. Additional information available upon request.

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Dry-erase wallcoverings

Walltalkers' dry-erase presentation wallcoverings from Koroseal Wall Protection Systems provide high-impact communication, with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage. These wallcoverings offer a full range of options for visual communication. Dry-erase options include magnetic-receptive, projection (low-gloss), printed lines, decorative colors, and designer patterns.

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Daylighting systems

Duo-Gard Industries, Inc., offers skylights, windows, and canopies that provide the benefits of natural light for all types of healthcare facilities. Design/build systems combine multiwall polycarbonate with structural framing to integrate diffused light, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and shatterproof security at affordable costs, with options for visibility and ventilation.

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