The effort to promote and support population health and wellness has few rivals in its influence on healthcare today, inspiring the planning, design, and construction community to create environments that help providers deliver on that mission. The solutions being brought to the table vary widely, though, each in its own way answering the call. Healthcare Design asked industry members how wellness is being defined in their work—and they showed us. In this special report, "All Is Well," (to be published in the May 2016 issue of the magazine and in installments online in April and May), find a sampling of the myriad innovative and inspiring approaches being taken.

Colorado residents embrace an outdoor lifestyle. So for staff working in a 24/7 healthcare environment, every bit of access to nature that can be offered goes a long way toward promoting their health and wellness. To that end, when Children’s Hospital Colorado South Campus opened in Highlands Ranch, Colo., in December 2013, it included a glass stair tower that serves as an iconic exterior anchor but brings much more to the table inside

The stairwell itself serves as a destination for staff by offering abundant natural light and stellar lookout points to the surrounding community, with main landings boasting views of the Rocky Mountains and intermediate landings located at the building’s extreme corners treating users to a panoramic of the local landscape. The effort not only provides a valued outdoor connection, but the vertical climb keeps staff moving as opposed to opting for elevators.

Employees use the space for both respite and exercise, and it’s inspired changes at the main campus, too. There, an addition of a mural inside its staff stairway was made to mimic the design intent of the south campus and entice workers to get their steps in.