The Cummins LiveWell Center is a 28,000-square-foot wellness center located in downtown Columbus, Ind., providing services to employees (and their families) of Cummins Inc., a global manufacturer and supplier of diesel and alternative fuel engines. The LiveWell Center includes primary and urgent care, physical medicine, preventive services, and lifestyle coaching. Axis Architecture + Interiors (Indianapolis) were tasked with designing a modern structure that would also complement Cummins’ existing buildings.

The design team traveled to San Francisco, to the headquarters of Apple, Facebook, and Applied Materials, in an effort to understand how healthcare is incorporated into a corporate environment. The designers opted to focus on lots of natural light, high ceilings, bright white walls, and pops of color.

Privacy was another consideration when designing the patient rooms. The door opens toward the patient, allowing the patient to see the door opening prior to anyone else entering the room. The care suites include individual bathrooms to provide more room and privacy for families. A teaching kitchen and a multipurpose room for Zumba and yoga classes were incorporated into the design, and an occupational health department was added near the end of the construction phase, requiring last-minute reconfigurations.