A minimal design by The UP Studio (Long Island City, N.Y.) creates a unique identity for Mudgil Practices, a new joint dermatology and dentistry practice located in Hicksville, N.Y. Welcoming patients since spring 2016, the office includes a dermatology zone, a dentistry zone, mini- and full-sized testing laboratories, shared and private offices for each practice, and a shared waiting area for patients.

The design of Mudgil Practices balances evidence-based ideas about patient wayfinding, an accessible receptionist, a clear signage program, and exam room efficiency with the doctors’ request for “the MoMA of doctor’s offices.” UP worked with the doctors to evaluate potential sites. The team undertook feasibility studies, test fits, and rough construction costs for each site, eventually settling on a building that required a complete gut renovation to maximize efficiency of the plan.

The UP team was challenged to create a clear plan organization for the two disparate practices within 5,000 square feet of existing space. The resulting layout distributes required programmatic elements to the perimeter of the building to maximize natural light entering the spaces. It also allows the two colocated practices to significantly reduce expenses by sharing key medical equipment, office resources, and staff.

The office’s main design feature—an extruded, woven ceiling plane—maps patient, doctor, and staff circulation patterns. It also unifies the two practices within a shared space. The ceiling leads patients through the office; this wayfinding strategy, combined with the straightforward plan organization and clear signage, minimize any risk of a confusing circulation pattern.

UP designed the architecture, interior design, brand design, signage and wayfinding, custom typography, web design, and collateral coordination, creating a unified design.