Optegra Eye Health Care (London) operates a network of world-class private ophthalmic hospitals and its newest facility is a flagship center for medical excellence based in the Harley Street district of central London.

The 14,531-square-foot facility was designed by IBI Group (Birmingham, England) an international design and technology practice; ISG (London) was the contractor on the $7.1 million project.

The plans for the new hospital, which opened in January 2016, involved converting and unifying two six-story historic Edwardian and Victorian properties into a modern, clinically advanced healthcare environment that would bring Optegra’s consultancy and surgery services together under one roof.

Optimizing the two building structures, the design splits the building horizontally, both functionally and materially, into clinical and non-clinical areas. This layout naturally arranges the space by patient typology, allowing for intuitive navigation, minimized travel distances, and reduced waiting times.

The basement level houses a refractive suite, which is s typically used by patients who are sensitive to light, and access to an internal courtyard. The ground floor reception level provides a calm and reassuring environment through high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. This interior design strategy helps to convey a sense of progression, from relaxing and welcoming public areas through to clean and contemporary clinical spaces.

To maximize the existing building layout, the design team relied on the extensive use of glass to channel natural light deep into the heart of the hospital. Artwork, including playful motion images such as birds and butterflies, is used as positive distractions for patients at a time when reading may not be an option due to their eye condition.

The second-level surgical floor comprises two operating theaters and a stage-one recovery room, which balance infection control and a high-end aesthetic to create a comforting and safe environment. The third floor is dedicated to patient recovery and features a palette of textures, clean colors, and warm tones, together with pops of strong color and light to create a classic yet contemporary interior.

Optegra, which prides itself on attracting and retaining the best talent, dedicated the fourth floor to the staff with offices, meeting rooms, and dining facilities, in addition to a south-facing roof terrace to promote social relaxation, collaboration and respite.