While the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute specializes in researching and treating a range of adult cancers, it also delivers radiation oncology services to pediatric patients who are served at the nearby Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

During planning for the pediatric component on the second floor, the project team worked with Potion Design (New York) to create a personalized approach for these young patients.

Each child at check-in is given a bracelet with a computer chip. When patients enter the waiting room, they can activate a large digital wall where they can choose an animal friend, such as a duck, inspired by Nationwide Children’s branding.

Young patients can interact with their chosen animal on the wall touch screen. For example, patients can move their finger along the surface and the animal will follow. They can also plant trees and make it rain to help them grow.

When it’s time to go to an exam room, a touch of a screen by a caregiver allows the animal to appear there, too.

“It provides that sense of care and comfort from the front door all the way to their destination,” says Mark Banholzer, vice president and senior project designer for HOK (Chicago).

Anne DiNardo is senior editor of Healthcare Design. She can be reached at anne.dinardo@emeraldexpo.com.

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