Rather than cater to a specific demographic or region, Embryo Clinic IVF unit in Thessaloniki, Greece, focuses on translating its medical expertise into a space where patients will feel at ease throughout a complex process.

“We decided to apply design principles to certain behavioral aspects that are universal and could appeal to people from different cultures and countries,” says Panos Voulgaris, creative director/partner at MALVI (Thessaloniki).

For example, instead of visual motifs linked to the locality, the clinic features a mostly minimalistic environment with white surfaces and furniture that work as a background, allowing the medical staff’s focus to remain on visiting couples.

The clinical and lab area retains a similar—albeit more strict—visual language, while at the same time maintaining a higher level of sterilization, varying with respect to each space.

 “We believe that, especially in specific treatments such as IVF, people will always be primarily looking for top-quality services that would help them through a successful treatment,” Voulgaris says.

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