In the course of my 20-plus-year career, I’ve met thousands of people. For me, the greatest joy I’ve experienced throughout my time in the trade show industry has been all the wonderful people I’ve connected with. There’s Scott Moore, who gave me my first trade show job and the foundation for success in the industry; John Chadwick, who taught me so much about how to run a successful show; and Patrick McGuire, who made every trip to a show a fun experience and helped ensure its success.

These people have made my work more pleasurable, meaningful, and successful. While I don’t cross paths with them as often as I’d like, I’m confident that if I reached out today, they’d be there to help me once again.

Sound like anyone you know? I bet you can rattle off a few names of your own when you think about the industry events you attend regularly. And that’s the beauty of spending time with like-minded people, people who understand the challenges you face and can truly share the joy in your successes, whether you’ve met them for the first time today or have known them for 40 years.

If you’re like me, some of your industry connections have become some of your best friends, and the shared bond of doing the work you love strengthens your relationship.

Who are the people in the design industry you’ve been close to but may not have seen in a while? Who are the ones you count on seeing every year? Perhaps it’s time to reconnect to discuss new projects and opportunities or just to catch up and reminisce.

The Healthcare Design Expo & Conference is the perfect place to do it. Whether it’s on the exhibit hall floor, between educational sessions, on the bus to a facility tour, or standing over the craps table during the networking party, the show offers plenty of opportunities to catch up with old friends—and potential clients and colleagues—and meet new ones.

I look forward to meeting many of you myself in November. Right now, though, I have a few phone calls to make to check on some old friends.