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  • Graphics in Healing Environments

    There is an increasing body of research that shows the use of artwork in healthcare settings leads to improved patient well-being and better outcomes.  In addition, the rise in awareness of biophilia and its impact on the calmness and mental state of patients also points to the use of such elements in healing environments.

    This essay seeks to briefly lay out the research behind these trends, and then to offer several examples where both

    beautiful imagery, and fun and whimsical graphics have been applied in actual real-world healthcare settings.

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    • Keeping Patients Charged in Your Hospital: Finding the right charging strategy for your healthcare facility

      Learn how to ease patient stress and make your facility the best it can be for visitors; our white paper covers the basics of mobile charging stations and discusses considerations to take when finding the right charging solutions for your facility.

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      • A Focus on People and Experiences: Using Equipment and Room Design to Prepare the Point of Care for the Future

        In today’s value-based care environment, equipment and exam room layouts in ambulatory care have evolved into strategic components of the point of care ecosystem that should factor into any facility or exam room design considerations or discussions. The right design approach, one where people and experiences are top-of-mind, can create an ambulatory care environment conducive to achieving better outcomes through enhanced patient/caregiver experience and interaction at the point of care.

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