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Healthcare Design is currently accepting reservations for the 2018 Design Showcase to be published in the August issue. Reservations are due March 3, and presentations are due March 30.

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Elevators are interiors, too


All the elevators in the U.S. and Canada travel 1.36 BILLION miles per year. That’s more than 2,700 trips to the moon and back. As Indiana Jones said, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.” We would argue it’s the mileage and the years.

When one considers a major renovation, it’s easy to focus on spaces like corridors, lobbies, offices, lounges or patient rooms … in other words, all the public-facing spaces. We would argue that right after the lobby, a hospital’s elevators are the very next public-facing space patients, families, healthcare workers and visitors see.

This white paper lays out the case for cab renovations as part of an overall building update. After all … elevators are interiors, too.

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